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Records do not have to reach Breaker in order to chart.

Furao Catlogo Kennametal – [PDF Document]

You have the right to hear the best music. Continued on Page 6. James Stroud, Clint Black Wr: The new company will distribute Solar Records – which previously was distributed by Sony Music – and formw located at N. As an exclusive host, you could give listeners the chance to win a trip to the set of seaquest DSV at Universal Studios in Hollywood, or exclusive seaquest merchandise.

DMR supplies sophisticated analysis, profiling, mapping and modeling to reveal your true potential fr060. GM Joe McLure says he’s reading the tea leaves.

The contract also states the seller is in default under the loan agreement, dated August, In country now, don’t miss out. The essential lack of racism in our business comes from the fact that people live and work together in close proximity. Gordon Liddy and Yankees baseball in evenings, and Jay Diamond in the late night slot. Build an action plan to enhance your station’s position. Beautiful city and great people. The operation is set to hit the air in mid – to late- September.


Meltzer’s “What’s Your Problem? Major market AC, Country, great track record.


Giant Records vet Susan Mark – heim has been elevated to head of International at the label. Hot zips are those that report the most listening for your specific station or those with the biggest -rated zips for a primary competitor.

But the format’s growth potential was stymied by the inability of advertisers to measure its audience – mainly because Arbitron only keeps track of listeners who are years old or older. If we were to lose Rush, I think we could find a show that would keep fotma momentum going. We’ve done movie premieres where our personalities get By The Numbers Many broadcasters will say if you’re an AM playing music, you don’t stand a chance.

I’d like to see stations work with their talent and hire a foorma. At that time the market didn’t have a radio station to fotma the black community.

Bradley will be on the premises to assist in the new PD’s transition process, but Walker says he already has an impressive list of potential candidates. Silver City Heavy rotation songs receive live plays per day Hot Shots receive lour plays per day Breakout Videos and Picks Pick Hits of the Week fr0600 an extra play above heavy rotation per day.


Company offers excellent benefits and the latest state – of- the -art production for,a. What’ll be the outcome of the impending Profile Records partnership split?

Furao Catlogo Kennametal

We wanted them to be reflective of the listeners – hard-working, regular folks – as a couple of guys who like each other and like country music. He previously was an editor at Hits and began his career in artist management. We want our public to see, touch, and feel the announcers who represent our station. CHR and Country experience is helpful. Jimmy Olender, Eric Silver Pub: Current owner NewCity Communications has filed a proposal to modify WYAI’s signal so its contour misses a small corner of Atlanta – Cox’s purchase is contingent on a grant of that technical change.

The number of respondents equals reach; repetition relates to frequency. He said the songs on the album, due August 3, represent every musical style he loves to perform live. Gerry Boehme, a 7-year foram industry veteran, is Sr. Babyface, “The Arsenio Hall Show” syndicated; check local listings. This exercise allows the driver to experience the dangers of drunk driving firsthand while remaining completely sober.