Each Fluke product is warranted to be free from defects in material and The A Manual Set provides complete information for operators and service or. Warning If the A Calibrator is operated in any way not specified by the A Operators Manual or other documentation provided by Fluke, protection. View and Download FLUKE A operator’s manual online. Multi-Product Calibrator. A Test Equipment pdf manual download.

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After resetting the A, press to return to the Oscilloscope Calibration Option the Volt menu appears. Page Trigger a TC measurement and put the reading in the output buffer.

D Apply power sensor correction factor for 10 MHz W: Page Waveform command Set the waveforms for ac outputs.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Overlapped Coupled Error query Return the first error code contained in the A Calibrator error queue, then removes that error code from the queue.

High Frequency Flatness Verification at 25 mV.

If Fluke determines that the failure was caused by misuse, alteration, accident or abnormal condition of operation or handling, Fluke will provide an estimate of repair costs and obtain authorization before commencing the work.

For each calibration step, take samples for at least two seconds, using the HP A MATH functions to retrieve the average or mean manuap.


Fluke 5500A/COIL Calculator User Manual

AC Voltage into a 1 M Load cont. Remote commands for calibration are described at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 6 Remote Commands Contents Page General specifications that apply to the Calibrator Mainframe hereafter termed the Calibrator can be found in Chapter 1. The Event Status Register is a two-byte register in which the higher eight bits are always 0, and the lower eight bits represent various conditions of the A Calibrator.

Equipment Setup for High Frequency Flatness. Remove the copper short as instructed on the A front panel. Manually lock the HP A to the range that gives the most resolution for the baseline measurements.

Set the filter on the PM as indicated in the table. Adjusting the Aberrations for the Edge Function Adjustments need to be made after repair to the edge function to adjust the edge aberrations.


Edge Rise Time Verification. For the A, the floor specification is combined with fixed range errors in one term to determine total uncertainty. To manjal the harmonics, adjust R8, as shown in Figure until the peaks of the second and third harmonic are at the correct dB level. The dimensional outline for the A Calibrator is shown 5500aa Figure The maximum frequency of the dual output fluks 10 kHz.


Then follow these steps to calibrate AC Voltage. Readjust A90R36 ,A90R35 or A90R12 to obtain equal amplitudes of the aberrations displayed during the first 10 ns to be equally above and below the reference level. PMC A Figure Page Remote Operation Introduction Warning The A Calibrator can produce voltages up to V rms and must be programmed with caution to prevent hazardous voltages from being produced without sufficient warning to the operator.

Calibration must be performed after any hardware adjustments.

Pulse Width Calibration This procedure uses the following equipment: Both low and high frequency bands are calibrated at each amplitude. Calibration occurs in the following major steps: Page of Go.


Page Activates the A output if it is in standby. Grasp the top and bottom of the air filter frame. Format NV non-volatile Memory should be used with caution. To check the line voltage setting, note the fluoe setting visible through the window in the power line fuse compartment cover Figure Adjusting the Leveled Sine Wave Balance. Inguard Supplies The inguard supplies are located on the Voltage assembly A8.