Fluidos de perforacion base agua (sistema viscoelastico) by Arthur Nada sorprendente, dado que la reología estudia las propiedades de estos fluidos viscoelásticos y que los gatos embotellados pueden. Los surfactantes viscoelásticos (VES, por sus siglas en inglés) el Mar del Norte y el Mar Caspio demuestran la efectividad de los fluidos VES.

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CN CNB zh Methods for treating a subterranean formation with a treatment fluid containing a gelling agent and subsequently breaking the gel with an oxidizer. Use of organic acids or a salt thereof in surfactant-based enhanced oil recovery formulations and techniques.

Nuevas aplicaciones para los surfactantes viscoelásticos

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Environmentally-controlled Microtensile Testing of Mechanically-adaptive Polymer Nanocomposites for ex vivo Characterization …. Polymeric additives for enhancement of treatment fluids comprising viscoelastic surfactants and methods of use.


Manufacturing visoelasticos Three-dimensionally Microstructured Nanocomposites through Microfluidic Infiltration …. Unable to load video. CA CAC en Please sign in or create an account.

Procede de synthese de polymeres par polymerisation radicalaire controlee a l’aide de xanthates halogenes. Viskoelastiske overflateaktive fluider med forbedret skjaerkrafttilbakevending, reologi og stabilitetsytelse. Method for block polymer synthesis by controlled radical polymerization from dithiocarbamate compounds.

Co polymers and a novel polymerization process based on atom or group transfer radical vidcoelasticos. Multicomponent viscoelastic surfactant fluid and method of using as a fracturing fluid. Methods for controlling the rheological properties of viscoelastic surfactants based fluids. Viscoelastic surfactant fluids with improved recovery of the shear rheology and stability performance.

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Lid suporta do aparelho de teste. PI Country of ref document: Methods of treating subterranean formations using hydrophobically modified polymers and compositions of the same.


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Methods and compositions for the diversion of aqueous injection fluids in injection viscoelsticos. CN CNB zh A2 Designated state s: Fluidos surfactantes viscoelasticos que tienen recuperacion de esfuerzo cortante, reologia y desempeno de estabilidad mejorados.

Methods for treating a subterranean formation with a treatment fluid containing a gelling agent and subsequently breaking the gel with an oxidizer. System stabilizers and performance enhancers for aqueous fluids gelled with viscoelastic surfactants.

O aparelho de teste pode ser melhorada a fim de aumentar a sua robustez e facilidade de uso.