Booktopia has Braca Karamazovi by Fjodor Mihajlovic Dostojevski. Buy a discounted Paperback of Braca Karamazovi online from Australia’s leading online. Roman Braća Karamazovi posljednji je roman Dostojevskoga, a prema mnogima i ponajbolji. Dva mjeseca pošto završava s pisanjem toga maestralnoga. Braca Karamazovi – Prvi Dio (Croatian, Paperback) / Author: Fjodor Mihajlovic Dostojevski ; ; Literary studies, Literature: history & criticism.

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I got a lot more out of it this time around and I was fortunate that I got to read it with the Catching up on Classics group here on Goodreads.

Braća Karamazovi I-II by Fjodor Dostojevski (4 star ratings)

Ivan’s struggle with his theology and the beginning of a reconciliation of peace within his soul by the end of the novel, I believe are the heart of what this novel about.

This was the main reason as far as I could understand why Smerdyakov devoted his intellect to petty issues, like manipulating others etc to achieve what he wanted He dreamed of moving to France. It is a spiritual drama of moral struggles concerning faith, doubt, and reason, set against a modernizing Russia. Mitya is light, Grushenka is light, even Fyodor has moments of lightness. The audiobook is narrated by Frederick Davidson. The character of Smerdyakov is somewhat portrayed as ‘evil,’ but what about his mind, or the way he posed karamazoovi challenge to Ivan?

Who among the two represents the ‘intellectual’ dimension? Heavy on the philosophy but ksramazovi easy to read and follow. Boy with mentally disabled brother who falls into icd.

Allow me to explain. If you are new to Dostoevsky, I still recommend Crime and Punishment as a jumping off point, also don’t miss The Idiot, and then The Brothers Karamazov after you fodor a feel for dostojebski writing and story telling style. Not altogether likable, but definitely unforgettable. Lettura di sofferenza, a dislivelli. I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love. Never too Late to His oldest son, Dmitri, is driven by passion, and he knows right from wrong but he is manic and pushes the limit in his endeavors and causes a major strain and disruption for his family and many people of his town in his jealous fight with his father over a woman named Grushenka.


Just when he begins to move karamazlvi story forward, he always seems to stop and write a few chapters of political or religious philosophy, and the reader karamaaovi required to stop with him, digest what the arguments mean, and weigh in personally on which side of the debate truth lies.

Kyle Beaudet In the beginning Dostoevsky is showcasing all of the flaws of the characters, and intentionally makes them kraamazovi fairly unlikable, except for Alyosha …more In the beginning Dostoevsky is showcasing all of the flaws of the characters, and intentionally makes them all fairly unlikable, except for Alyosha whom is described as being like a cherub.

Si, si, lo so.

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I’m not usually that practical a person- trust me, I’m not the one call soap opera on big dark fervent emotions- nor am I the one who insists that everybody just pull themselves together and get on with it. Che tanto si parla di tutto quindi ci stanno bene. brwca

The important female characters in the story seemed moody and always on the edge of hysteria. During the second half, kkaramazovi that stuff I thought was fluff in the first half became clear. By the end, Alexey finds a theology that he can work with.

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The overarching story fjoeor a murder of Fyodor Pavlovitch, and trying to figure out who committed the murder. I suspect I will be pondering The Brothers Karamazov for a long while. Utkarsh Detha While it is true that Smerdyakov chose wrong means and lacked the virtues one is dostojvski to have courage, honesty etc. This one will do fine- for now. The sad fact is, Dostevsky himself wanted to write a whole new no doubt as lengthy treatment of Alyosha, the saintly humble son as his effort to un This might still be the single greatest novel of all time.


I’ve read all of Dostoevsky’s major works and I’d say this is the most worldly o I just finished re-reading The Brothers Karamazov. I was in public and unprepared. Freud took the ideas of the id, ego, and super-ego from the sons of the sinister, leeringly sensual, masochistic patriarch Fyodor Maramazovi.

This is a book that probably has to be read at least two times for a full understanding of its themes and meaning. His main statement is “if God does not exist, then everything is allowed”. After finishing the book, I understand each of the characters in depth, and what motivates them. Want to Read saving…. The brothers Karamazov january thru march If you wish a murder, if you fail to stop one, are you equally guilty with the man who commits the deed? This novel made me realize that, though my family members are all very different, we have something in common: View all 9 comments.

View all 5 comments. I don’t mean the fun kind of hahaha crazy, e When I started this book a month ago, my initial thought was that the characters were fantastic. From my reading of the novel many years ago, I just remember the heavy-duty philosophical monologues by Father Zosima, by Ivan, Dmitri and others.