By this point, Fantomina claims she is in love with Beauplaisir, and would do anything to engage in intercourse with him again. Fantomina makes excuses to her. Love as sentiment and love as a sexual response are two sides of the same coin. Both are intertwined in Eliza Haywood complex relationship. Eliza Haywood begins this turbulent tale with a charming first sentence: “Nothing is so generally coveted by Womankind, as to be accounted Beautiful; yet.

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Her fine Shape, and Air, and Neck, appear’d to great Advantage; and by that which was to be seen of her, one might believe the rest to be perfectly agreeable. The protagonist’s third disguise, Mrs. Sep 09, Charles-Antoine Brunet rated it liked it. Return to Book Page.

Clearly this challenges the notion that women are intellectually or sexually subdued. I fear I cannot see you till To-morrow; some Business has unluckily fallen out that will engross my Hours till then.

And while her desires have to be publicly subdued throughout the story, she is the one orchestrating their sexual encounters. At the end, her mother sends her to live in a monastery in France. At the same time, philologist seeking to sink their teeth into a text with some meaty quotations to unpack, will not be bored this piece.

She was not to be perswaded, and he was oblig’d to desist his Solicitations, though determin’d in his Mind to compass what he so ardently desir’d, before he left the House.

The feeling is so strong she takes on the role of different women each time she feels his interest start to shift. Women in literature can be portrayed in many aspects and should not just be portrayed as inexperienced, asexual beings. Not but a Woman of her Beauty and Accomplishments might have beheld a Thousand in that Condition Beauplaisir had been; but with her Sex’s Modesty, she had not also thrown off another Virtue equally valuable, tho’ generally unfortunate, Constancy: He then turned the Discourse wholly on the Violence of [Page ] the Passion he had for her; and express’d the greatest Discontent in the World at the Apprehensions of being separated; — swore he could dwell for ever in her Arms, and with such an undeniable Earnestness pressed to be permitted to tarry with her the whole Night, that had she been less charm’d with his renew’d Eagerness of Desire, she scarce would have had the Power of refusing him; but in granting this Request, she was not without a Thought that he had another Reason for making it besides the Extremity of his Passion, and had it immediately in her Head how to disappoint him.


In the style of 18th century amatory fiction, Fantomina explores themes of identity, gender, and desire. This plot is the perfect setup for any feminist awakening story from the s women’s sexual revolution; except, this takes place over years pr A young debutante sees a young man in an opera house and decides she wants him. Unlike some other novels written during the same period, Fantomina doesn’t die in disgrace.

That which I require of you, resumed she, has nothing in it criminal: However, Fantomina’s charm quickly wears off and he leaves her. But not being of a Vantomina to grudge any Thing for his Inn, he gave himself no further Trouble, than what were occasioned by Fears of not having Money enough to reach her Price, about fantomna.

She writes there is fanotmina she will refuse him, except the sight of her face. To her delight, she attracts the attention of Beauplaisir, a young handsome aristocrat. As one editor of the text writes, “where the traditional moral might be expected, this story ends with a casual delight in ‘an Intrigue, which, considering the Time it lasted, was as full of Variety as any, perhaps, that many Ages has produced'”. Surely a third disguise will do the trick, right?

Secret History

However, the political pornography of this time reversed the typical structure of these stories by portraying him as the villainous seducer and London as the “violated maiden”. Fantomina’s economic and social standing is portrayed in an interesting light, because her privilege seems to be more of a constraint on her than it is a benefit.

Rarely do we encounter a woman of dignified upbringing that wishes to explore the world using her sexuality as her sail. I kind of wanted more.

Navigating healthy relationships with the opposite sex is not her forte. To view it, click here. It is truely Love in a Maze. She was beginning to think in what Manner she [Page ] should drop these two Characters, when the sudden Arrival of her Mother, who had been some Time in a foreign Country, oblig’d her to put an immediate Stop to the Course of her whimsical Adventures.


And as the work progresses, Fantomina grows increasingly comfortable making economic transactions and managing her own affairs. Due to the sexual nature of their relationship, Beauplaisir unknowingly gets the protagonist pregnant. They fly that wound, and they pursue that dye. Published May 16th by Dodo Press first published The first contain’d these Lines:. Like a lot of the stuff I’m trudging through this semester, Fantomina is a text that I find really fascinating to talk about with others, but that doesn’t wow me on some sort of visceral or long-term level.

Although the story felt comical overall, I do believe that there were some messages and backhanded comments about the nature of men within the character of Beauplaisir.

The complexity of Love in Fantomina: or, Love in a Maze by E. Haywood.

I’m glad this was assigned for class or else I probably would not have read it fabtomina my own. Jan 20, Julia Pillard rated it really liked it. Many of her works were published anonymously. Want to Read saving….

Creating something that can be enjoyed and appreciated by anyone who can read. But though he was wild with Impatience for the Sight of a Face which belong’d ih so exquisite a Body, yet he would not immediately press for it, believing before he left her he should easily obtain that Satisfaction.

The complexity of Love in Fantomina: or, Love in a Maze by E. Haywood. « Women Writers,

She gives her protagonist great agency at the beginning of the piece, enabling Fantomina to manipulate Beauplaisir by seducing him fantominx the guise of a prostitute. The protagonist’s final identity, used by her to captivate Beauplaisir anew.

Sep 25, Laurie A. All that I desire is Secrecy in what maaze are intrusted, and to disguise yourselves in such a Manner as you cannot be known, if hereafter seen by the Person on whom you are to impose.