Visit ‘s R. Ewart Oakeshott Page and shop for all R. Ewart Oakeshott books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of R. Ewart Oakeshott. Records of the Medieval Sword [Ewart Oakeshott] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Forty years of intensive research into the specialised. Ewart Oakeshott has 14 books on Goodreads with ratings. Ewart Oakeshott’s most popular book is A Knight and His Weapons.

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Oakeshott as a senior Advisor and honorary oxkeshott, who quietly contributed to us via phone, mail, and email without recognition. The pommel usually takes an oval Ewsrt form or a disk-shape. Over the last three years Ewart, Sybil and I have done our best to establish a trust that will carry forward their love of knowledge. He was also among the first oakezhott change his views about the historical use of Medieval swords and other cutting blades, eventually stating unequivocally that they were not used for edge parries.

Similar in outline to Oakeshott’s Records of the Medieval Swordthis book’s pages provide a photographic outline for the typology and development of the Viking Age sword. A knight in battle. The cross or cross-guard is of square section, about 18—20 centimetres 7.

Ewart Oakeshott: The Man and his Legacy —

Again included is a brief overview of Oakeshott’s blade and hilt categorizations. Though in very poor health the last time I saw him, he still had that gleam in his eye when he spoke about his beloved subject.

Oakeshott was probably the person who single-handedly has done more to contribute to the spreading of the real knowledge of the medieval sword to the general public. Typically, examples date to the second half of the 13th century.

This of course, although not unusual to oaksshott was a first for me, went totally against any museum training and was wonderful oa,eshott behold! Broad flat blades, some sharing a moderate to heavy taper with Type XXII though not as heavily or consistently. During his recent illness when telling me of his regular blood transfusions I made the all too obvious joke about him being a vampire and seeking out virgins blood.

Its pages outline most of the weapons used by the medieval knight, as well as early firearms. In Memorium Ewart Oakeshott Picking up where Jan Petersen’s typology of the Viking Sword left off, Oakeshott classified the Medieval sword into “types” which shared the same basic blade profile and other characteristics related to its function. The visit, a highlight of a research trip, was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.


English Choose a language for shopping. With the passing of Ewart Oakeshott a great scholar and teacher has left us. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

As researcher and author of more than ten books on historical European weapons his ideas were also influential in the conceptualization of the new Royal Armouries Museum relocated from London to Leeds, England in Enchantment wakens memory; Old things and rare my treasures are. His correspondence proved invaluable on several issues of sword classification and history as well as updated research from his writings.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Oakeshott served as President of the Society in He also related to me that, as a general rule, he felt we can assume any sword form that is datable to a certain time, was likely oaoeshott use a good generation earlier.

An uncle, Jeffrey Farnol, was a successful writer of swashbuckling historical novels, and introduced young Ewart to the romance of the sword. The fullers are grooves along the length of the blade, usually singular and in the center, though sometimes plural. The Owkeshott in Anglo-Saxon England by Hilda Ellis Davidson, illustrated by Ewart Oakeshott Published inthis important work on the eaart of the sword in pre-medieval England contains many illustrations created by Oakeshott specifically for this book.

Hilda Ellis Davidsonillustrated by E. Sword in Hand Republication of a series of twelve articles on the medieval sword for Gun Report Magazine in a book from pub. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’ve heard similar stores from others, so I know my impression was not distinct. Ewart Oakeshott, ‘Dean of swords’, will be missed but not forgotten. Love John John Waller. Surrounded by friends and colleagues we celebrated his life and work and of course the publication of his Records of the medieval sword.

Another anecdote worth sharing was when several of us were in his garden examining and measuring some of his swords while I tried out a few slow moves with them to get a more subjective and holistic feel for the pieces.

Books by Ewart Oakeshott (Author of The Archaeology of Weapons)

As we sat and dwart over a whisky, and fate decided that this would be the last occasion we would do this, I told him that I had only recently recalled the fact that the first book on the subject of arms and armour I ever picked up was one of his. The book provides a brief outline of the development of the sword’s hilt, from the cruciform hilt of the medieval period to the compound-hilt rapier and basket-hilt.


Only 6 left in stock more on the way. Together with my wife, we were wined and dined and, like many entertained by Ewart and Sybil, were made most welcome. The distinction away from an Cinquedea is largely based on size alone. Because of the scarcity of information about these he began to research them himself.

Oakeshott’s great contribution was his Typology of classifying Medieval swords not merely by their hilts, but properly by their blade form, a factor of their intended function and use. The proportions, history of surviving examples, an often ornate decoration indicate these may have mostly served a ceremonial role more ewrt as weapons of war.

That says it all. A Knight and His Armor Jun 29, Oakeshott offered ideas about how historical combat could best be studied with statements such as: Amongst all the memories I have of Ewart, this is the last and most special.

Books by Ewart Oakeshott

While it does contain some informational text of particular interest are the appendices that contain important analysis of two medieval swordsthe book is primarily a photographic guide to Oakeshott’s typology. Though his work was not entirely original, it was certainly groundbreaking.

Brockhampton The Sword in the Age of Chivalry — a definitive and scholarly typological study of the medieval sword which has become a standard work, pub.

Typical of the High Middle Agesthese swords begin to show a tapering of the blade with a shortened fuller, resulting in improved thrusting characteristics while maintaining good cutting capabilities.

This may be single and quite broad or multiple and narrow. Oakwshott felt so proud. With pages of text, this book also contains 32 black and white photographic plates, as well as many line drawings done by the author.