Oggetto generale della tesi è il benessere del cavallo, particolarmente riguardo RE, basato sull’applicazione di alcuni concetti di etologia equina (inerenti le. Etologia del cavallo. Recommend · Ask question. Be the first to rate this product. PayPal Logo. ×This website uses cookies. You agree to this by using this page. Abituazione e desensibilizzazione | Etologia del cavallo.

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The importance of ethology in understanding the behaviour of the horse. Se vuoi fare dei percorsi di formazione sulla conoscenza del cavallo, venendo qui in Olanda da noi, per sviluppare e potenziare competenze nel campo del comportamento del cavallo.

Veterinary Faculty of Milano, Italy. Francesco De Giorgio is an Italian ethologist and applied behaviour researcher, currently living in the Netherlands and working both in Italy as in the Netherlands. Use of experimentergiven cues during object-choice tasks by capuchin monkeys.

In the same way we deny them their social behaviour. Corsi di etologia in collaborazione con IHP!!!

Etologia del cavallo

The more we expect precise behaviour and complicated exercises from a horse when ridden and notthe bigger the impediment to the expression of their own spontaneous behaviours. Novel object shared investigation without conditioning or expectations Shared social exploration without conditioning or expectations Known object shared investigation without conditioning or expectations Novel object shared investigation without conditioning or expectations Social dynamics without conditioning or expectations Known object social investigation without conditioning or expectations Attention, awareness, relaxation, contact and social interaction are keywords in a spontaneous interaction.

Domestic dogs Canis familiaris are sensitive to the attentional state of humans. Do chimpanzees tailor their gestural signals to Wt the attentional states of others? Un lavoro di ricerca focalizzato a comprendere il processo esplorativo sociale in diversi gruppi di cavalli, con diversi livelli di coesione e diversa gestione sociale. When we, as human, pay attention to the horse and create room for his expressiveness we start an inter-species relationship.


etologia del cavallo | The Cognitive Horse

Reproduction in feral horses: Nasce anche un nuovo sito http: Vieni anche tu in Olanda! Fundamental for the correct development of cognitive functions. American Journal of Veterinary Research.

His special field of research is applied etolofia learning in horses. Owners, but first of all scientists, trainers and vets should start to consider the cognitive capacities in horses and work in order to preserve them.

Applied Animal Behaviour Science 93, Shared social exploration without conditioning or expectations.

J Comp Psychol We could imagine therefor that research for evidence regarding memory in horses is more complicated than for example in the Poecile atricapillus above. Horse Memory What have you human done for me lately? This site uses cookies.

In the zooanthropological approach and in zooanthropological equitation, it is fundamental to give the horse the possibility to express his own world and spontaneous behaviour. Rarely it is seen or interpretated as a moment of dialogue in which both human and horse are entering in interaction with eachother.

Etologia del cavallo – Happy Horse Net

Preserving the cvaallo abilities in horses and creating experiences shared with a positive intention, makes it also possibile to cope together with a horse more difficult experiences. Then Shirley began to display unusual mothering behavior: Riserva Zooantropologica Sparta www. Social interaction of free-ranging Przewalski horses in semi-reserves in the Netherlands.

Proudly powered by WordPress. Another interesting aspect comes up when we look at the edl example of long-term memory in relationship dynamics considering the re-integration of two elephants after 23 years. Il sito di riferimento: Scegliere di seguire il percorso ZEA, non significa scegliere di aderire a un metodo, significa invece scegliere di acquisire un background scientifico, etllogia, filosofico e di crescita personale, sul quale integrare la propria esperienza, il proprio percepito, il proprio valore.

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Francesco De Giorgio e dalla donna di cavalli Dr. Also many stories and experiences narrated by horse people, seem to confirm that horses can recover stored information over a long-term period of latency. Often horse spontaneus behaviours are limited to complicated bits and bridles.

Responses of horses to novel visual, olfactory and auditory stimuli. Al link che segue potete vedere alcune immagini dei ragazzi di Pisa in fase di lavoro di ricerca tra i cavalli: Appl Anim Behav Sci Whenever Jenny lay down Shirley would straddle her in a protective manner, shading her body from cagallo sun and from harm, as if she were a calf.

Memory is an important aspect of cognition. Ogni modulo si focalizza su un determinato argomento: Epub Jan Proceedings of the 2nd international etolgia science symposium. Are readers of our face readers of our minds? This is something people should be more aware of, even in daily life routine.

But even when they live with other horses, the groups are often not permanent, not familiar or familiar-like. The behaviouristic theories of the early twentieth century, are obsolete and we must have clear it.

The behaviour of the horse.