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Role of conformal three geometry in the dynamics of gravitation – York, James W. Can the dark energy equation – of – state parameter w be less than -1?

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On compatibility of string effective action with an accelerating universe – Neupane, Ishwaree P. Dark energy with non-adiabatic sound speed: The white dwarf cooling sequence of the globular cluster messier s72 – Hansen, Brad M. Superstring theory and beyond – Polchinski, J. Asymmetric embedding in brane cosmology – Shtanov, Yuri et al.

Quantum effects, soft singularities and the fate of the universe in a braneworld cosmology – Tretyakov, Petr et al. Multidimensional world, inflation and modern acceleration – Bronnikov, K. A Note on accelerating cosmologies from compactifications and S essd – Emparan, Roberto et al.

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Constraints on Cosmology – Krauss, Lawrence M. Cosmological solutions in multidimensional model with multiple exponential potential – Ivashchuk, V. Gravitational shock waves and their scattering in brane-induced gravity – Kaloper, Nemanja Phys.

Asymptotical AdS from nonlinear gravitational models with stabilized extra dimensions – Gunther, U.


Models of dynamical supersymmetry breaking and quintessence – Binetruy, P. Do the cosmological observational data prefer phantom dark energy? Living on the edge: Cosmological Perturbation Theory – Kodama, Hideo et al. The High Z supernova search: Flat vacuum branes without fine tuning – Shtanov, Yu.

Cosmological implications of dynamical supersymmetry breaking – Banks, Tom et al. Casimir energy and radius stabilization in five-dimensional orbifolds and six-dimensional orbifolds – Ponton, Eduardo et al. What can be learned from multiple observables? Dark energy, acceleration and the absence of cosmic doomsday – Abdalla, M.

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Critical Dialogues in Cosmology, N. Einstein equations for an asymmetric brane world – Battye, Richard A. Correlation functions, peculiar velocities and the matter density of the universe – Hawkins, Ed et al. Observational constraints on dark radiation in brane cosmology – Ichiki, K. Thermodynamics of k-essence – Bilic, Neven Phys.

Cosmological constraints on Newton’s constant – Umezu, Ken-ichi et al. Knot points of double-covariant system of elliptic equations and preferred frames in general relativity – Pelykh, V. Approximation methods for nonlinear gravitational clustering – Sahni, Varun et al. Large-scale structure formation in cosmology with classical and tachyonic scalar fields – Sergijenko, O.


Nauk 95 Observational constraints on scalar field models of dark energy with barotropic equation of state es Sergijenko, Olga et al. 0079 braneworld cosmology with supernova data and baryon oscillations – Alam, Ujjaini et al. Block orthogonal brane systems, black holes and wormholes – Bronnikov, K. Multidimensional classical and quantum cosmology with perfect fluid – Ivashchuk, V. Accelerated expansion of the universe driven by tachyonic matter – Padmanabhan, T.

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Introduction – Green, Michael B. Ghost condensation and a consistent infrared modification of gravity – Arkani-Hamed, Nima et al. Domain walls in strongly coupled theories – Dvali, G. Measuring the equation of state of the universe: General relativistic energy conditions: Cosmological evolution 097 the rolling tachyon – Gibbons, G W Phys. Hyperbolic space cosmologies – Chen, Chiang-Mei et al.

Modern Kaluza-Klein theory –