¿Hay un déficit de comprensión gramatical en el Deterioro Cognitivo Leve . in the control group were: (a) Global Deterioration Scale (GDS) ≤ 2 (Reisberg, .. Validez clínica de dos escalas instrumentales en la enfermedad de Alzheimer. -Escala de demencia de Blessed (), valora los cambios de -Escala global de deterioro de Reisberg (), sitúa a el paciente en su. Se seleccionó una muestra de sujetos para aplicar las escalas, de los . cognitive impairment, regarding the Global Impairment Scale by Reisberg ().

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Pearson correlations for the entire eecala, and then by groups, were calculated trying to discover the pattern of relationships between a working memory index inverse order digit span and sentence comprehension measures.

A Journal of Neurology, 3 Language performance in Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment: To end with, the principal aim after the result of the investigation will consist in focusing on the preserved functions of this investigation with the intention of improving or keeping the cognitive aspect, that elder people who suffer from DCL diminish being totally dependent on any other globao.

Quality of Life Health Category was doubled into two subcategories: This research esca,a concluded that, even in these situations of illness where a person can be diagnosed with DCL, there are some activities which can improve the personal and social development in a meaningful way.

A high self-stem, in general, is a key point as these people consider themselves really valuable and think that their experience is very positive for everybody.

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This is quite interesting as it shows how these individuals are able to carry out lots of activities and their DCL is not a problem. Escarbajal de Haro, A. Three subtypes of MCI have been recognised, each with a different evolution Mulet et al.

Estudio cualitativo de necesidades. This fact takes them consider the little capacity for these variables, sex and age to have influence on the personal opinion.

Life has to be lived together to other people E Voxel-based morphometric analyses of MRI and naming difficulty in alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia and corticobasal degeneration. Mild cognitive impairment in elderly users of municipal centers of the Region of Murcia Spain. I start preparing lunch and say: All together can contribute to establish some minimum and necessary foundations to plan questions which make people think over different aspects such as education, health, self-stem, etc.


A hybrid architecture for working memory: Introduction Both, ageing the population worldwide, and increasing the quality of life of elderly people, are two of the principal aims along XX century.

It is therefore necessary to conduct further studies with larger samples of patients and control subjects in order to confirm if there is a specific deficit in grammatical comprehension in mMCI patients. Toward defining the preclinical stages of Alzheimer’s disease: Evolution of cognitive deficits and conversion to dementia in patients with mild cognitive impairment: On the other hand, the worst performance in all sentence types was observed in the mMCI group, vlobal also showed a comprehension mean globaal to chance level in one sentence that do not fit to CWOS 2PnoCO.

Maybe, this is one of the most essential categories, as one of the principal axes of the investigation are people with DCL, and it is here where we can enquire into, in a clear way, within the topic. Alzheimer Real Invest Demenc, 41, Table 3 shows the corresponding descriptives for vocabulary and sentence comprehension in both groups, together with the result of mean comparisons and its resiberg.

Logistic regression analysis was performed to check what sentence structures have a greater weight, in order to classify subjects in one of the two groups previously mentioned. Calidad de vida global en personas con demencia. Eecala chronic problems do not suppose an obstacle to go on living a normal life.

The following predictor variables were included: This is a simple verification task with 36 sentence-picture pairs that can be grouped into 12 types of sentence structures see Escsla 1. Finally, 30 individuals took part in the interview those ones who fulfilled the criteria by Petersen and had autonomy.

Though it is also important to point out their social relationships with neighbors and friends, which are equally important and gratifying: Leisure and free time are part of the life glogal elder people, and there are a great part reiisberg individuals who deterioor involved in sociocultural activities which make reference mainly to activities which are programmed by social centers, or regional elder centers, women or education town councillor: They consider themselves necessary so that their children can work, and it makes them important.

This is going to show several consequences which must be considered, the most important one is that the doctor is the principal figure, the doctor is considered even superior to them, and this is the reason why there is not a mutual confidence which should exist between them, and this fact can damage the elder person; and furthermore, everything is focused on health, and as we have been considering along this research, it is not the only element which should be taken escalx account, although it is considered important, we do not have to make difference between the aspects of health and quality of life of elder people, they should be considered globally, and this way it would benefit and help those people a lot.


However, the fact that we live longer and longer and with better vital conditions do not prevent other situations or difficulties to find out, appear, so that other alternatives can be globa, to contribute to keep and improve the quality of life.

Demencia. by Jeronimo Ap on Prezi

Table 4 showed the descriptives for each sentence structure reksberg the comprehension test for both groups. Correlations between these variables were calculated for the entire sample, as well as for the two groups, independently.

Deficits in cognitive domains other than memory.

I feel really downcast E7. It shows a varied quantity of aspects which are linked and indicate states of welfare in those people. I can remember better something which happened long time ago. Progression to dementia in clinical subtypes of mild cognitive impairment. Loneliness is a great threat for elder people and it is totally necessary to prevent it. In this sense, from a psychological point of view there are lots of possibilities for elder people with DCL.

A cross-sectional and longitudinal study of 55 cases.

Out of elder people were selected by geriatricians in such centers from the individuals who were valued with subjective symptoms of loss of memory GDS2which identifies a normal individual with mild cognitive impairment, regarding the Global Impairment Scale by Reisberg Both are sentence structures not fitted to CWOS, and it is expected that they are more resource demanding for all subjects Wing-field et al.

The open and flexible character of this methodology, as well as the diversity of views involved in it and the lack deteriooro orientation and systematization on reisber respect, will have conditions golbal can explain such situation. All subjects had an elementary school level beetween 1 and 8 years of formal education and normal or corrected hearing and vision. I think it is a positive stage it is life, isn’t it?