Ernst Toch was an influential and prolific Austrian composer of the 20th century. Fleeing Hitler he eventually settled in Los Angeles. The Geographical Fugue is. ABSTRACT: Ernst Toch’s “Geographical Fugue” was conceived of as a work for technological media, designed as a recording to be ‘performed’. Trin – i – dad and the big. Mis – sis – sip – pi and the. GEOGRAPHICAL FUGUE. Ernst Toch ORFEON UNIVERSITARIO. DE MALAGA.

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Fuge aus der Geographie (Toch, Ernst)

Choric speech, the group recitation of poems, was taught in schools throughout Europe and America during the early twentieth-century. Capitalization indicates that the syllable is name-initial.

His version involves recording himself for all four parts, filtering the spoken words through different electronic processes, and speeding the whole thing up to approximately double speed. It is written in strict fugal form, and hoch of four voices, each enunciating various cities, countries and other geographical landmarks in true contrapuntal fashion.

The work was composed as the third and final movement in Toch’s suite Gesprochene Musik Spoken Music. The first movement is a rondo with four main themes, designated as such in the text of the Sonata. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. University of Chicago Press. Toch served as an infantry lieutenant in the Austrian army in World War I, and later returned to an academic appointment in Mannheim. A History of Sound in the Arts.

Contrapuntal passages are carefully balanced, with unison pairings or hocketing to retain the clarity of the tpch at all times. Both fugues appear side by side in Example 8. Click here to listen to the original recording of Zwei Trickaufnahmen .


It ends with a climactic finale featuring a sustained trill renst the “R” of the word ” Ratibor! Toch also seems to be poking fun at the form of the school-fugue, a composition exercise that he surely encountered during his own musical training.

Other than the lack of pitched notes, the piece is structured like a conventional fugue in every respect. I then continue by exploring the impact of postwar technology on constructions of the body in Weimar Republic visual and audio art, particularly in the new relationship between organic parts and mechanical prostheses.

The first counter subject features the Greek geogeaphical Athens, while the second counter subject rrnst the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Yokohama.

Wagner later adopted the technique of Stabreim, or alliteration, as a solution to recovering the relationship between meaning consonantsand emotions vowels. Media, Machines and the New Objectivity. From Trinidad to Cyberspace: The paths of the arrows in Example 5 in essence trace out the first two formants, or spectral peaks, of vowel sound production.

Edited by John Elderfield, frnst by Ann Raimes. If we examine the geographical locations alone mentioned in the fugue without taking subsequent repetitions into accountas shown in Example 1, we can see that Toch chooses names that share a number of phonetic properties: For example, at the Baden-Baden festival premiere of Der Lindbergflugh, a year earlier, the audience sat in the concert hall, while the music was performed offstage and broadcast through loudspeakers into the hall.

The remaining 3, jobs were disclosed as requiring no physical exertion and could be performed by the slightest, weakest fuggue of men […]. Perhaps uniquely in music history, this electronic work has had an almost exclusively acoustic performance history of more than eight decades.


ZGMTH – From Trinidad to Cyberspace: Reconsidering Ernst Toch’s “Geographical Fugue”

An Epitaph for Bertolt Brecht. Ford, Henry, and Samuel Crowther. Only in one respect did the machine unfortunately deceive me: European Journal of Physiology Featuring a piece amateur male choir in elaborate, full-body animal costumes, the group riotously stomps, trills, and chants fragments of the original fugue while swaying in carefully choreographed counterpoint: Existing as an almost absurd parody of a geography lesson, these chanted words become a collection of different syllables with almost universal phonetic characteristics rather than culturally specific meaning.

If we examine the syllable ordering of these different geographic names, as shown in Example 4, we can discern what appear to be a few motif-based considerations: In the s, the prominent German composer Pfitzner campaigned against Jazz, claiming it was anti-German, pacifist and internationalist Cook Views Read Edit View history. During the Nazi era, spoken choir pieces were often employed within Thingspiele, mass outdoor plays with propaganda messages.

This close relationship between didactic music, radio and technology reappeared in the Berlin festival as well, with Hindemith and Gwographical represented both by pedagogical and technological contributions: Make sure to watch it till the end! Euthanasia apoplexy Euthanasia apoplexy Example 8: