Ergot and ergotism by G. Barger, , Gurney and Jackson edition, in English. 16 George Barger, Ergot and Ergotism: A monograph Based on the England Historic, Geneological Society (Boston: Samuel G. Drake, ). flour or grain used for example in bread or for brewing beer, the ergot alkaloids may lead to the hor- rible disease called Barger G () Ergot and Ergotism.

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Hoc anno plaga ignis divini Carnotum, Parisios, Suessionem, Cameracum, Atrebatum, et alia rnulta loca mirabiliter pervadit. Fames diu concepta gravissime ingravatur, et fit annus calamitosus.

Robert quoted modern Russian cases in support of his view that intercurrent infections of typhoid, pneumonia, etc. The disease showed itself by a burning in the hands and feet and the patients, sometimes having lost one foot, sometimes both, arrived leaning on sticks or carried on carts. The knee-jerk is abolished in all moderately severe cases within a few weeks of the onset oi the disease, and is only restored in a few after the lapse ol years.

Chronique de Cambrai, Bouquet, xiii. If the dose is large it will produce nausea and vomiting.

The vast literature of modern times clearly shows the existence of two distinct types of ergot poisoning, the convulsive and the gangrenous, respectively east and west of the Rhine. Commodities and Products see more detailschemistry chemistry Subject Category: Detection and estimation of ergot in flour and in bread Ergot in forensic medicine: The spreading of ergot Ergot in relation to agriculture— Conditions favouring the growth of ergot Measures for the control of ergot.

The first recorded outbreak was due to a bad harvest inchiefly between Moscow and the Volga and was investigated by command of Peter the Great by the German physician Schober who in published a brief account of it in the Breslauer Sammlung q.

All later French authors agree, however, in regarding this epidemic as also due to ergot. Of these pilgrims there is an interesting account 28 from an English source, in the life of St Hugh of Avalon, Bishop of Lincoln and chief builder of its cathedral.

The gangrene was often dry and not putrefactive ; the vesicles are a less prominent symptom. Est autem in ipsis miraculis hoc insignius miraculum.

Ergot and ergotism. ( edition) | Open Library

Diseases, Disorders, and Symptoms see more detailsdiet diet Subject Category: There are several accounts of an epidemic in one places it inanother in c. This led to great scarcity and the use of unsound grain the price in was often double that of The bread was eaten only from 6th to nth October; on the 10th a boy of sixteen became ill; he died next day. Prices of Russian and of Spanish ergot. There were also cases of gangrene, in which fingers and toes had to be amputated.


Ergot and ergotism.

In the Vielvergroster und heller polirter Schorbocks – Spiegel of Ilorst discusses the question whether convulsive b Kricbelkrankheit has anything in common with scurvy. Convalescents apparently remained very sensitive to ergot, for 36 ERGOTISM Hussa recorded the deaths, due to a single meal of dumplings in February, of two patients who had more or less recovered from an attack in the previous August. Bauhin’s Theatrum Botanicum, ed. Being in great want he did not heed warnings, and made bread of the diseased grain.

Moreover, ergotism in man is more amenable to control than is the case with epidemic diseases. Michell was extremely enthusiastic about the new drug and published 3 1 cases. Rye was essentially the bread corn of the Teutons ; according to Hoops, it was not introduced into Southern Europe until the beginning of the Christian era, although it was known to the ancient Germans at least four centuries earlier.

By far the most accurate data have been supplied by Bonjean, and relate to sporadic cases of both forms of ergotism. It is mentioned in half a dozen chronicles one of which 3 states that over 40, persons died by this pestilence. Hercyma, a description of plants growing in the Harz Mountains, and one of the earliest of good local floras.

Quo anno saeviit vehementer in Flandria sacer ignis, quam ignariam vocabant pestem ibid. Durrcr states g.baregr at erot time there were houses of the Order in various countries; of the four Swiss the oldest was founded at Basle in Roth forms of ergotism produce amenorrhcea Lentin, Janson, etc. In all respects this is one of the severest plagues of the agricultural labourer. It was only given in favourable presentations and acted within a quarter of an hour; no ill effects had been observed.

Geographic Entities see more details. Horum dum quidam vellent ad propria redire, extincto refervescunt incendio, regressique ad Ecclesiam liberantur. I he belief that the disease was infectious is already ergor in the title of the Marburg account, and was maintained for a long time; it no doubt orginated in the circumstance that all members of a family, living on the same diet, wcic often taken ill at the same time.


In and in the spring of outbreaks occurred in Pommerania north of Stettin, and in the Prignitz district, north-east of Wittenberg [Muller and Glockengiesser in Acta medicoruin Berolinensium, for ; Ludolff, ]. Desgranges himself used the drug on various occasions, as did some of his colleagues, but he did not publish his observations until much later [], after Stearns and Prescott had published theirs, in America.

Martialis ab imo sublatum sepulchro mortalium visibus ostenderunt, et mox pestis ipsa cessavit Fragmenta Historian Aquitaniae, Bouquet, x. Mayer 19 non-fatal cases ; up to per cent, ergot in the flour. The correlation of grain inspection and medical statistics show that the disease occurred when there was 1 per cent, of ergot in the rye ; 7 per cent, caused fatal poisoning.

He, however, figures a unique case in which the dried skin of fingers and toes was cast off in one piece. Commodities and Products see more details and butter butter Subject Category: It is not clear whether one sex was more susceptible than the other, but if there was a difference, it was to the advantage of the female. The severer symptoms of convulsive ergotism, unaccompanied by gangrene, are so pronounced and characteristic that they could not have escaped the notice of laymen, witness the large number of popular German names for the disease.

Hirsch is in error, when he refers this epidemic to the mixed type; there is no mention at all of gangrene ; the symptoms were quite typical of convulsive ergotism ; for a time there were at Brussels to cases in hospital; two post-mortem examinations showed lesions of the spinal cord. Taube records several cases of insanity, and of cataract, but observed no gangrene of whole parts. The next epidemic, in Hessen and Westphalia, during andwas one of the most important in the history of the subject, for it led the Marburg medical faculty to publish their famous description and warning in the vernacular, for the benefit of the people [Marburg, ].