Sacred Fate By Eresse – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards , publishing history, genres, and time period. Sacred Fate introduces you to an amazing world from the imagination of fantasy romance author Eressё. Some things are worth fighting for, which both. “Sacred Fate is a captivating and distinctive story of a dual-gendered world. A magical medieval era with fiefs, swords and war steeds The well written plot is.

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Indeed, her pen name is taken from the elvish language J. Aug 20, MsMiz Tina rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 14 comments.

You can also see the review at http: The court intrigue and political maneuverings began eressf earnest.

However, the plot from then on was extremely predictable. This is an amateur blog, where I discuss my reading, what I like and sometimes my personal life. I don’t know, I don’t know It takes a strong person to show caring for someone who has set out deliberately to hurt you and yours. Jan 24, Ayanna rated it really liked it Shelves: Sacred Fate does that ssacred a great extent, even including a glossary at the end.

He was strong armed blackmailed by his trusted uncle into a marriage to a younger cousin he hardly knew, but Rohyr negotiates that he would keep Lassen. A good villian should be more nuanced, and far more subtle.

I could not help but adore this read. Sadly, I am only magical in my dreams.


I have even found a place where an editor pleaded her authors to not send submission of stories with male pregnancy since she was really tired of them… and I thought, how strange, in my experience Eressf have not found so much of them. Nothing happens in the first third of this “fantasy”.

I do realise it’s not fair to compare post-apocalyptic, speculative evolution, science fantasy to what is basically a romance novel – so we won’t go there The care he showed for the man he loved was astounding and I couldn’t help it but adore him from that first talk with the elders and his overwhelming confidence. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Sacred Fate by Eresse on Apple Books

Even I needed a bit of help with the terms used. Granted, some of the story is sweet and the conflicts too easily resolved, but for all that, I still feel as eersse I’m immersed in another culture. I really enjoyed the fact that we get to see their introduction to each other, the start of their falling in love, and then are taken ten years further into their relationship to a point where both are completely comfortable in themselves and with each other.

Went over the ms until my eyes crossed. Yeah, I get it’s fiction, but still. He pigeonholed himself into his social class and it was evident that eresse he had been even slightly ambitious, Rohyr would’ve eventually caved and made Lassen his official consort.

The book itself is a huge info dump of useless history, descriptions of unimportant things ie plumbing and family liaisons. I like how the author asserted the extinction of female-kind and the male-pregnancy right from the beginning.


I loved the series so much. A miss for me.

Sacred Fate

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Lassen lives in the quiet fiefdom of Tal-Ereq where one day he becomes the lynchpin on negotiations between the crown represented by its king, Rohyr and the council represented by his father or aba or adda.

So the Half Bloods are at a double disadvantage. Lassen perforce learned how to navigate the intricate byways of life at court. The threat the consort would find a way to part Rohyr from Lassen built until I devised multiple ways for Rohyr’s duplicitous cousin to meet his untimely demise.

I couldn’t helping wondering if such a world could ever really exist. I love this book! There are many fte such as: This question just bothered me throughout.

One of the things that kept me from rating Sacred Fate five stars is how shallow the main villian, Tyrde was. I was also really hoping Sacerd had some hidden special ability, and although that was hinted at, it was not convincingly developed, much to my disappointment.

The hermaphrodites take some getting used to.