Epson Stylus D Printer User Guide Manual Technical details Pdf Viewer Operating Instructions. information about your product. Tip: Tips contain hints for better printing. Links to online resources. Movies and featured topics. Contents of on-screen manual. If you’re printing on paper, it is jammed in the printer. Press the paper button to eject the paper. If that doesn’t work, turn off the printer, open the cover, and.

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Follow the instructions in Uninstalling Printer Software to uninstall and reinstall your software. You can unsubscribe at any time with a click on the link provided in epsin Epson newsletter. You need to replace the appropriate ink cartridge first. Select Portrait tall or Landscape wide to change the orientation of your print out.

Epson Stylus D120 Manuals

Make sure the paper is positioned all the way to the right of the sheet feeder. On the Main tab, select plain papers as the Type setting and other paper settings as appropriate. Make sure d102 plain paper is loaded in the printer. Make sure your printer is turned on and the cable is securely connected at both ends. Remove each sheet from the output tray as it is printed.

This feature is not available for all models. You can clean the print head from your computer using the Head Cleaning utility in the printer software, or from the printer itself by using the printer’s control panel buttons.

If multiple pages feed at once, remove the paper from the sheet feeder, fan the edges to separate the sheets, then reload it. After you reload these sheets into the sheet feeder, you can then print pages 2 and 3 on the back of the first sheet of paper, pages 6 and 7 on the back of the second sheet, and pages 10 and 11 on the back of the third sheet. If you are using double-sided paper and printing heavily saturated or dark images on the front side of the paper, you may notice that smudges or marks appear on the front when you print the second side.

Do not start the Head Cleaning or Nozzle Check utility while printing is in progress; otherwise, your printout may be marred. Make sure there is no packing material in the printer. Register now We respect your privacy.

How to change or reset the default printer driver settings Windows. Turn off the mirror setting in your application program.

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Then specify the width of the binding margin. Did you find this article helpful Yes No Thanks for leaving feedback.

For example, if you specify a 1 cm margin, you will get a 2 cm margin a margin of 1 cm will be placed on each side of the fold. You may need to install more memory in your computer. Make sure your paper meets the specifications listed in Paper. You can move and resize the marquees to change the scan areas as necessary.

Refer to Step 4 for guidance on using the Home Mode.

When the sheet ejects, repeat steps 3 and 4 to feed the sheet through two more times. To maintain print quality, we recommend printing a few pages at least once every month. For help, see the following article: Log in Not signed in yet?

Epson Stylus D Printer Pdf Viewer User Guide Manual

For best results, use genuine Epson paper. Handle the disc carefully and allow the ink to dry for at least 24 hours before playing the disc or inserting it in a drive.

Store any unused paper in its original packaging in a dry area. Try restarting your computer. If ink smears on the back of a printout, clean the inside of the printer.

Align the print head.

If you are printing high-density data on plain paper by automatic 2-sided printing, set the Select Document Type either to Text with Photo or to Photo in the Print Density Adjustment window.