He described the Ginkgo in his work “Amoenitatum Exoticarum” (Lemgo, ). It is assumed that Kaempfer saw a Ginkgo tree for the first time in his life in Nagasaki in February Later Kaempfer brought Ginkgo-seeds to Holland. KAEMPFER, ENGELBERT, German physician and traveler to Russia, the Orient, and the Far East (b. Lemgo, Westphalia, 16 September ;. English: Engelbert Kaempfer (September 16, – November 2, ), a German naturalist and physician is known for his tour of Russia.

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Over the years as he studied and traveled, he became an extremely proficient, self-educated scientist, with a deep knowledge of medicine, botany, natural history, and pharmacology, and of the ways of the countries he visited. First editions of the new work edition were published in the same year. This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat In when the History of Japan was published it became an immediate success and with 12 editions must be considered an absolute bestseller.

Curious Scientific and Medical Observations. However, he and Chardin have been severely criticized by Cornelis de Bruijn for their allegedly inaccurate descriptions and drawings see DE BRUIJNthough de Bruijn fails to mention that he himself had stayed there nearly three months November to the end of January and, as a learned artist, had drawn all the structures directly from nature as Kaempfer had doneand that he had engelebrt better engraver than Kaempfer.


He wrote two books about his travels. Retrieved from ” https: Upon my arrival he was appointed to wait on me as my servant, and at the same time to be instructed by me in Physick medicine and surgery. InKaempfer visited Uppsala in Swedenwhere he was offered inducements to settle.

Archived from the original on 7 October The fruits of this travel are detailed descriptions of various sites in the second part of the Amoenitates: Engelbert Kaempfer Lemgo16 september – Lieme2 november was een Duitse geleerde en reiziger.

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Engelbert Kaempfer played a key role in introducing the soybean and soyfoods to the Western world. He conducted extensive studies on local plants, many of which were published in his “Flora Japonica” part of Amoenitatum Exoticarum. He had clearly intended to provide a description of his travels that would provide more detailed information than those already furnished by his predecessors. Inhe married sixteen-year-old Maria Sophia Engepbert, but their marriage was not a happy one. Kaempfee spent the following winter studying Javanese natural history.

A rough list gives an impression of his persevering diligence: A Biographytr. His desire for foreign travel led him to become secretary to the second embassy of the Swedish ambassador Ludvig Fabritiuswhom Charles XI sent through Russia to Persia in Using this site means you accept its terms of use. Conversely, reports of some of the Dutch representatives constitute kaepmfer chief source of knowledge in the West about Japan during its two peaceful centuries of isolation.

Engelbert Kaempfer: The History of Japan (1727)

Muntschick, Wiesbaden, [contains the fifth part of the Amoenitates ]. Subcategories Kzempfer category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total.

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The chapters on torpedo fish, mummy mumiyehand the Dracunculus worm are especially related to Persia see Bowers and Carruba,; Amoenitates, pp.

There he came across a book by Adam Olearius and his famous account about the embassy to the shah of Persia. During the remaining four years of his life he was not able to find emgelbert publisher for his manuscripts. Kaempfer Part 1 2.

In particular comments on the behavior of the heathens and that some of their doings were quite reasonable mainly concerning religious and legal questions. Here the Dutch were kept almost like prisoners, sealed off from kwempfer rest of the country because of past problems caused by Europeans in spreading Christianity.

Engelbert Kaempfer – Wikipedia

Engelbert Kaempfer was born in Lemgo on September 16, as one of the sons of Johannes Kemper, a pastor, and his wife Christine Drepper. He spent several years exploring this area.

After stopping briefly in Siam, he arrived in Japan on 23 September at the island of Deshima or Dejima near Nagasaki in remote southwest Japan.

He entered the employment by a local count at Detmold as medical doctor, which however did not engelnert him much time for his intended publication.