These poems are from En la masmédula (In the Moremarrow), which culminates Girondo’s career of poetic engagement with the vanguard; his lifelong rejection. “In the fabled history of experimental South American literature, Girondo’s En la masmédula stands alongside Trilce as a marker of the fruitful. “In the fabled history of experimental South American literature, Girondo’s En la masmédula stands alongside Trilce as a marker of the fruitful extremes to which.

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HTMLGIANT / In the Moremarrow / En la masmédula by Oliverio Girondo

It is this final clause that runs in counterpoint to everything preceding it, but more, that completes everything. I notice the Spanish helps. We cannot simply transplant them, we must translate them.

The original version of that first line is two. I trust it as a mode of writing poems. My Lumy does this, too, gjrondo its best moments. Perhaps, then, this is not so foreign. It represents, among other things, a re-envisioning and re-fashioning and renovation of the Spanish language proper.

There are 45 mouths. Or grammatically speaking, fn definite article v. In Girondo published Campo nuestroa single long poem. This book is hard to write about, around, through.

Retrieved from ” https: It msmedula itself to the Word. What we have here is Reproduction vs. Mi lu builds to mi lubidulia.

  ISO 7498-2 PDF

It is a historical document, a hasty epitaph to something still living elsewhere. A beautiful translation choice. The majority of the book is such best moments.

It hermetically seals itself. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Taking and then framing a photograph of the Cordon Cacti garden seems tempting, as a compromise and a memorial, but this is neither transplanting nor translating. Variations on a theme of water. A garden represents an exercise in duration, it is alive, it is exposed to time, it grows, it shoots new buds, other things flower from it.

The heart of the matter, the gist, the meat, the essence where the blood, where the oxygen-carrying vitality is produced.

The most faithful translation to me then embraces failure as a mode of writing. We need a new arrangement that fairly represents the old arrangement, masmefula we need entirely new plants.

Oliverio Girondo, poems

This is understandable, and this is understandably impossible. Oliverio Girondo August 17, — January 24, was an Argentine poet. If love is the essence of things, the essence of love is More. How to reproduce this verbal rejuvenation in Spanish, how to forge from the English a new poetic language. lla

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It is not a garden. Between the two is the center-aligned column, the Middle Giorndo. But my love takes partners, too. Molly Weigel is a poet, translator, and therapist living near the Delaware River in central New Jersey with her husband, son, and four cats.


Is there an authoritative, origin-al essence to be mined at the bottom?

In the Moremarrow/En la masmedula PAPERBACK – Oliverio Girondo : Small Press Distribution

Who wants to be subject to objectification? I know that analysis is a fundamental part of translation. The first left-indented column is masmevula original Spanish poem. A dovetail is a joint formed by two pieces whose respective notches are made one for the other, in alternating fashion, so they conveniently fit. He died in Buenos Aires on January 24, There are other people there, straying, erranding.

In the Moremarrow/En la masmedula

We are exposed to its symptoms. This too points out something for me that is disconcerting. A photograph, in this case at least, is not a poem. Maybe this is necessary.