In this masterly story by Mexican novelist Volpi, a leading member of the Crack generation of Latin American writers, quantum physics, the. Contributed by Prof. Dr. José M. Pacheco. The story is highly mathematical, involving a German Character called Gustav Links, though the main character is a. Parecía que la polémica iba a estar servida y sin embargo ha habido unanimidad: En busca de Klingsor, de Jorge Volpi, ha recibido un magnífico tratamiento.

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El autor muestra un dominio poco comun de las matematicas y fisica modernas ,aunque algunas explicaciones posiblemente no le lleguen al lector comun y corriente. O sea, que la dr de datos no repercute en el aumento de verdad Quotes from En busca de Klingsor.

It is a real thriller, and deep too.

Entrevista: Jorge Volpi. Premio Biblioteca Breve Seix Barral – nє 11 Espйculo

Este es un libro que se lee de corrido, a pesar de tener unas y pico de paginas son de esos libros que te enganchan desde el principio y no puedes soltar, y muy a pesar de los “manifiestos” y obsesiones por la literatura nada complaciente con el lector, fuera de una estructura narrativa no lineal y diferentes voces narrativas –estructuras ya muy comunes en muchas obras– la novela de Volpi resulta ser muy amigable con el lector, en momentos hasta simplona.

It worked to take the wind out of the sails of what had been a thoroughly compelling yarn and also led to some loose ends, not least with respect to Bacon, creating somewhat of a weak conclusion. La cultura humanista entendida As if that was not enough, when it seemed that Francis had got rid of his burden, graduating with honors from Princeton University, has come to the folly of falling into the wrong place at the wrong time In questo libro il messicano Jorge Volpi racconta a modo suo, in una caccia al fantomatico consigliere scientifico “Klingsor”, cosa pensavano i grandi fisici tra le due guerre, da Einstein a Bohr a Heisenberg.


It is full of science, philosophy, metaphysics and the great personalities of early twentieth century physics. Apr 29, Alfonso Zendejas rated it really liked it.

Jun 14, Cocolete rated it kingsor it. Even some hints about plot are given too early, spoiling some chapters. Seguimos nosotros con un completo desconocimiento de lo que pasa en Argentina o en Chile, y en Argentina no saben lo que pasa en Guatemala, y en Guatemala no saben lo que pasa en Cuba, y en Cuba no se sabe lo que pasa en Dominicana, y buwca Dominicana no se sabe lo que pasa en Venezuela Well deserving of the accolades received.

En busca de Klingsor

Aside from this, the plot is interesting but I think it became an unnecessarily long book. Ha sido un placer, de veras La novela, por un lado, y la novela corta, por otro. Creo que hay tan pocos escritores mexicanos que se atreven a salirse de los temas de confort Una historia intelectual de Editorial Era, y La guerra y las palabras. Premio Biblioteca Breve Es decir, que el juego es importante desde el inicio de la novela. D a moment while we sign klingskr in to your Goodreads account.


Y eso no nos da mayores certezas kingsor nuestra vida cotidiana. It’s undeniable that Jorge Volpi manages brillantly his fictional story in one of the most important episodes of contemporany era.

En fin, que es Dee intercambio de ideas pues es el intercambio de ideas que hay entre amigos Una manera magistral de relacionar tres temas totalmente diferentes: Creo que las aristas de este tema son muchas. The ambiguous ending again may not be wn people liking cookie cutter endings with everything explained, but so what Yo creo las dos cosas To see the entire list or to see more works of mathematical fiction, return to the Homepage.

The structure of the novel is complicated and clunky, switching repeatedly between themes, characters and historical periods.

So too are some of the key events of the second war, notably the Von Stauffenberg bomb plot to assassinate Hitler and its aftermath. It really was a masterpiece up until this point. No trivia or quizzes yet. The third part, however, shifted focus to concentrate on Gustav Links, with the style and pace altering, and more problematically, it little advanced the story with regards to the klingsoor for Klingsor.

The writer invites you to an unexpected journey with gold results.