Passionee potere nella tragedia del Settecento: Il Crispo di Annibale Marchese. () “Sarah Kane’s Phaedra’s Love: Staging the Implacable,” in Saunders, G ./de Martinez, L.J.V. () “Sarah Kaney El Amor de Fedra,” in De Martino. Popular content related to Sarah Kane & Phaedra’s Love. El amor de Fedra de Sarah Kane – Teatro semimontado. by Comedia Nacional. View Sarah Kane Research Papers on for free. Crítica a El amor de Fedra, escrita por Sarah Kane y dirigira por Francisco Krebs. “Fedra, al fin.

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Strophe confronts Hippolytus about the accusation, but he refuses to deny or confirm the allegation, though the subtext implies that he did not. It is hard for me to consider Kane’s work outside of its theatrical contexts as my first encounter with her was through Warlikowski’s production of “Cleansed” on stage. Come se la direzione fosse importante.

May 18, Regan rated it it was amazing.

Complete Plays

Metti che ti siedi al bordo del letto, e strofini lo sguardo sulle pagine logore. Dec 06, Joshua Rupp rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sarah Kane viu uma reportagem sobre a guerra na Bosnia, mulheres que eram estupradas por soldados e ela nao se kae que nenhum poder internacional pudesse interferir. And they turn out to be the real horror. Ballard, also a master of the 5 plays, one short life. It was a hugely unnerving experience of intensity that was often too hard to watch.

She looked for something in the darkness of the stage to bring back to an audience that is lost and threatened.

Phaedra approaches Hippolytus, regardless of the warnings she has heard. When I woke up it wasn’t with a start. She confides in her daughter, Strophe, who likewise warns Phaedra against pursuing an affair with Hippolytus. Lembrou-me um pouco a mistura do filme Trainspotting e de Salo, de Pasolini, juntou drogas e sadismo.


But I stayed in bed afterwards and thought about the meaning behind the violence and realized my dream contained so many themes we see in Sarah Kane’s plays: Sarah, che anima sei. Blasted and Phaedra’s Love are reasonably straightforward stories, Cleansed is already a more confusing pastiche of scenes, Crave does not have proper character names anymore and no instructions to actors in fact it seems to be several interstitched monologues, maybe?

If it were only the violence to shock you then this would be boring. Phaedra’s Love2. Jun 04, Angelique rated it really liked it Shelves: She then proceeds to perform fellatio on him. In other ways I am reminded of J. Oct 27, Brigi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Often asked myself did that just happen? It’s about an unpleasant journalist, his presumably ex-girlfriend and later a troubled but sadistic soldier in a time of war.

Hai continuato a ritornare. Retrieved from ” https: I really want to see one of her plays one day. It wasn’t that kind of dream.

I blogged a quote from it here. Nov 13, Tatiana rated it it was amazing Recommended to Tatiana by: Despite it being the most disturbing plays ever, they are extremely well written. Blasted contains some incredibly funny moments, even amidst the extreme violence. All plays are dark, that’s not what makes them good, it’s just that they’re painfully honest. Then there is the second period, containing the plays Crave and 4.

sarah kane El-Amor-de-Fedra(1).pdf – Google Drive

After her suicide her plays became more popular, probably for the same reason people slow down to watch car wrecks. The story centers on a rapist being destroyed in most of the possible ways, as we watch him go from grim indifference to becoming childlike in his pain.


To quote Hippolytus’ last words: Mar 13, T for Tongue-tied rated it really liked it Shelves: This period is marked by extreme brutality. The doctor deduces Phaedra’s romantic affection for her step-son and warns her against consummating her kxne. It also indirectly gave me a story idea which is probably the most depressing thing that I’ve ever come up with, but also the most intense and emotional. With each play the structure becomes more and more abstract: Sarah, insonne e spietata.

Am I glad I did?

Non riuscire a vivere, essere bisognosi d’amore ma sapere che neanche quello riesce a salvarti. But even if it is so, those plays leave you feeling shocked into new awareness – unnamed, felt under the skin – and they make a compelling case for Kane’s vision – maybe not easy but uncompromising, intoxicating and truly unique.

Sep 17, Philipp rated it really liked it Shelves: Depression is not beautiful, suicide is not a romantic way of dying. The play explores the brutal nature of love, social relations, nihilism and belief through the example of an affair between a queen and her stepson.

E’ forte imponente e maestoso, deciso, senza reticenze o sottintesi.

The play might be centered around torture, but how beautiful, how optimistic, is that?