None of the many readers of Burroughs’s mordant memoir debut, Running with Scissors, would doubt that its entertainingly twisted author could manage. Like the alcohol he so enjoys, Burroughs’s story of getting dry will go straight into your bloodstream and leave you buzzing, exhilarated, and. The Tenth Anniversary Edition of the New York Times bestselling book that has sold over half a million copies in paperback.”I was addicted to “Bewitched” as.

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View all 3 comments. THIS is your lifestyle, and along with the alcohol, you must give this up. This book is funny. Still, he doesn’t wallow in it, and regardless of the back story, this is a tale of addiction, recovery and lots of what happens in between.

Dry: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs

Gay lives, excuse me if this is demeaning, can be lonelier than straight heterosexual lives. He does offer extensive thanks to those who played a role in his recovery, but auguste not let the battle facing him go without crediting his own willpower.

If anything, he proves that it is also possible to reinvent oneself.

Why are we all so obsessed with the alcoholic memoir? But spurned by a compulsion he did not understand, Burroughs began to write a novel.

The men could be good-looking with gorgeous body. I left out the fact that I didn’t know how to spell or that I’d been giving blowjobs since I was thirteen.

DRY: A Memoir

JensonMark W. He is honest, funny and acc By far my favorite Burroughs’ novel. Jun 16, maricar rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was like emotion, emotion, emotion half of the day. His roller coaster of emotional reactions to recovery was captivating to me. First of all, it says on the cover that it is a memoir, but Burroughs takes way too much license with dialogue and description.


And Sellevision stands as Burroughs’s only published novel. Burroughs is writing the script for a Showtime series based on the memoir. I highly recommend this novel. Not recommended however for those with delicate sensibilities.

After three “no shits”! Continuing ddry memoir trilogy, Augusten Burroughs takes the reader through his struggles with addiction as a young man.

MPR: Truth vs. Fiction in Augusten Burroughs’ memoir, “Dry”

Unlike some of his fellow AA friends, he says he has no trouble staying sober, and even quickly stops attending meetings, so that he can instead focus the narrative on the drama of his relationships, whether we like it or not. Any romantic relationship directly after rehab is discouraged, and hooking up with a fellow addict is verboten – but Augusten can’t help himself. Being from the south myself, that threw me off a little.

Here are some god-awful similes: It describes the author’s battle with alcoholism. The two sleep together. If he is making up these people and their stories, then perhaps he should call this book a fictionalized memoir. You simply go to the liquor store and buy another bottle. I enjoyed following Burroughs on his journey from being forced into rehab, to AA, to flirting with other addicts. Read more from the Study Guide.

Dry: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs – PopMatters

Not that I was surprised by this. And while the book delves less into the ins and outs of cutthroat advertising, it does scoop the personalities therein, ranging from an uptight female creative partner to undermining professional adversary.

In the early stages, Burroughs feels that he can overcome his drinking by choice, the “if I want it, I will do it” attitude. Chapter 2, Those Fucking Eggs. Augusten is attracted to Foster. I can forget your birthday.

Burroughs has a knack for ending up in depraved situations and a vibrant talent for writing about them. A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs”.

But at least Burroughs wrote about it in an honest, hilarious way. He drinks and does drugs until he gets alcohol poisoning. Anyway, this book is amazing, it’s almost too augusteen you feel like you can practically feel his pain as he burroghs rock bottom and tries to claw his way out of addiction.


I laugh and crack up about what Burroughs is saying, even though he is a mean funny.

He game me his badge to sell on ebay but I think I stuck it in a box somewhere. Jim – an undertaker and drinking buddy who’s shocked at the news; and Pigface – a banker and former lover who’s glad to hear it.

Do a little research and discover the augusteh Augusten Burroughs as a liar on many levels. Definitely he refrained from being too long-winded about it, avoiding the pitfall of letting his story become boring or monotonous–his cracks about himself, his fellow addicts, down to the closet case that is his boss, openly drew chuckles from me. Augusten needs to leave because he has to go to a meeting.

While critics continue to challenge the burrouhgs of Burroughs’s books, questioning everything from his alcoholism and advertising career to his earliest childhood memories, the author remains nonplussed, even philosophical.

Gives you a little perspective. It’s an interesting concept, the forced epiphany, and one Burroughs doesn’t take too much time to ponder. Memorable characters that brought out the sensitive logical and probably lovable burroughw of Burroughs. This is the second memoir by Augusten Burroughs, which details his life in his 20s, living in New York City, working as augksten advertising executive, making tons of money, and slowly killing himself each day by drinking more than seems humanly possible.