The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life has ratings and reviews. Drunvalo Melchizedek presents the Flower of Life Workshop, illuminating the. again dreaming the same ancient secret that life is a beautiful mystery lead- to read, and may it truly be a blessing in your life. In love and service,. Drunvalo. This public document was automatically mirrored from al filename: Drunvalo Melchizedek – Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life.

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If you really want to know something about yourself and this world and, most importantly, work on yourself to be a true human being, buy any books written buy Rudolf Steiner for example his Occult Scienceor any other anthroposophic publication, and forget this one.

Upon reading this first volume you will truly see and feel the universal oneness of how we are all connected to each other, plants, animals, and to the entire galaxy via geometry, scared to be precise. I found this Submitted by minnayu: In this book the author talks about the 5 levels of human consciousness, the MerKaBa the energy field which surrounds all living thingsand explains with geometric diagrams, a very interesting interpretation of the Biblical story of Genesis.

Its not ths kind of dreamy-time-read-book My main purpose of reading this was simply to learn more about sacred geometry, the Mer-Ka-Ba, and Kundalini meditation in a very subjective, informational, and historical point of view. If you want to discuss sacred geometry, great! I suppose such a feat would be difficult to do in one or two volumes which the author admittedly attempts.

Those two feelings will point the direction of your own expansion. Not only are the stories engaging and wild — the kind of wild all people with a spiritual inclination dream of — but it literally reprograms you.


The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume One | Light Technology Publishing

Jan 23, Aimee Benefield rated it it was ok. He shows that Life is Wonderful, Joyous, and Exciting qncient makes one truly and deeply thankful to God for everything in this and who knows how many universes. Never have I read something that made me feel so full of light.

Drunvalo is not crazy.

To be miserly, this book claims to be half scientific and half mystical. A little less than I acnient definitely read the Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life. Sit with it and see why. Sacred geometry is the form beneath our being and points to a divine order in our reality.

Drunvalo Melchizedek – Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life (vol.1).pdf (PDFy mirror)

The Explorer Race Series Book The author makes a lot of claims drunvaalo a lot of different fields, but it’s hard to know if mmelchizedek should be taken at face value decret I was able to discern some factual inaccuracies even on the simpler stuff I anciennt know something about like the differences between viruses and bacteria and what causes cancer.

I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will often come back in the foreseeable future. Throughout the little I’ve read, I was cringing with his bold claims, bad sentence structures, and inaccuracies.

Considering also the fact that I have wanted to buy this book since it was first published about 20 years ago, you could say I am quite disappointed.

So the night before I picked out 7 books that ‘felt’ like they were right, but I could not narrow them glower, so I decided to try a little trick I used to do as a kid.

This Is True Healing. He lives in Sedona, Arizona with his loving wife Claudette. Then at some point, when I was researching more of the history of the symbol, I found that early occurence of symbol in Abydos, Egypt has been questioned and whole topic was left on air. The things he writes about sdcret for the most part entirely non-verifiable and of no practical use whatsoever as is a lot of the information in books of this genre, I agree.


You cannot argue past the dogmatic thinking. I wanted to love it. The other half of the brain is usually left well alone, but this is the part I would ask you to connect with, and your body, the innocent vessel for our human experience, is still connected strongly to the right brain, which is why I say to listen to your body.

Fun to read, but don’t take it too seriously. This book is one of those windows. C This book is out there.

These two books together I and II are absolutely life-changing and I recommend them highly! Book ratings by Goodreads. Thoth, an immortal entity, downloads to us through Drunvalo. If you want to lift the veil, you need to read this series.

What’s more, some of the claims he makes are very hard to believe even for me and Melchizeedk pretty open minded. He even seems to jump up and down, yell, and scream to convince the reader the accuracy simply by using exclamation points in every paragraph.

There are times when the book is seecret complex; but Drunvalo keeps you in understanding. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.