These rules concern a service called Documentary Instruments Dispute Resolution Expertise (DOCDEX) which is available in connection with any dispute. Docdex is one of the options available to solve letter of credit disputes. settled under the DOCDEX Decision in accordance with the ICC DOCDEX Rules, ICC. These rules concern a service called Documentary Instruments Dispute Resolution Expertise (DOCDEX) which is available in connection.

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The standard fee shall be non-refundable, unless the Centre rejects all or part of the Claim pursuant to Article 3 6 of the Rules. Article 11 — Notifications or Communications; Time Limits. The Claim shall be accompanied by all documents that the Claimant considers necessary to support its Claim.

From time to time, however, disagreements may emerge on a point of law or fact, and points of view or interests may differ between the parties. They expect their dealings to self-liquidate in a peaceful conclusion that would both be profitable to the parties and an incitation to engage into further dealings. An additional fee may be fixed by the Centre, at its discretion, taking into account the facts and documents underlying the dispute and subject to the maximum specified in Article 2 of the Appendix.

Accordingly, the Rules are not appropriate where such examination or submissions are required to resolve any factual or legal issues raised by the Claim.

International Chamber of Doccex. International Chamber of Commerce. At the time of submitting a Claim, the Claimant shall pay the fee specified in the Appendix. The version of the Rules that is applicable at the time of submission of a Claim shall apply to the proceedings, unless otherwise agreed by each Claimant and Respondent.

They have brilliantly passed fules test of a broad variety of disputes. But some disagreements evolve into a dispute and need to be submitted to a neutral forum for resolution. The Centre shall inform the other Appointed Experts of such termination and make another urles from the List. If any expert fails to abide by the rules, the Center is empowered to replace him.


The Rules are available for any dispute which the Centre, in consultation with the Technical Adviser and subject to Articles 2 2 and 2 3 of the Rules, may agree to administer and which relates to:.

In principle, an ADR decision is not binding. The Centre may instruct the Appointed Experts to suspend their work until the additional fee has been paid. The Centre shall also refund all or part docex any fee received pursuant to Article 3 3 of the Rules, as appropriate.

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News_DOCDEX : A New Dispute Resolution System for Trade Finance Disputes

The Decision shall be deemed to have been made on the date stated therein. By continuing your visit to this site, you accept the use of cookies to make easier to navigate and to make statistics of visits. At the time of payment, an advice in writing should be sent to: The Technical Adviser shall also provide guidance on the area s of expertise that the Claim requires and that the Appointed Experts should possess.

They come into force on 1 May and are immediately available for use by banks and their customers in relation to trade finance disputes. Official holidays and non-business days are included in the calculation of the period of time. The Chair of the Banking Commission is the repository of the List and can add or remove experts from the List at any time, as need be.

Their agreement shall be recorded on Forms 1 and 2.

DOCDEX – ICC – International Chamber of Commerce

When disputes related to trade finance instruments occur, we offer socdex specialised method that is confidential, quick and cost-effective called Documentary Instruments Dispute Urles Expertise DOCDEX.

ICC events 16 Jan To that end, his independence will also be verified at the outset by the Center. In considering whether or not to reject a Claim or part of a Claim prior to the appointment of the Appointed Experts, the Centre may seek guidance from the Technical Adviser pursuant to Articles 2 1 and 7 3 of the Rules.


Any standard or additional fee may be subject to value added tax VAT or charges of a similar nature at the prevailing rate. In exceptional circumstances, and upon a reasoned request submitted by the President, the Centre may extend the time limit for the Appointed Experts to render their draft Decision.

Filing instructions and forms Claims, Answers, Supplements and Decisions must be submitted using the appropriate Form. Any unsolicited submission made to the Centre by any Claimant or Respondent shall be disregarded.

A Decision shall not rrules binding on any Claimant or Respondent unless each Claimant and Respondent agrees that the Decision shall be contractually binding upon them. All fields in the relevant Form shall be completed concisely, in English, and shall contain all necessary information clearly presented.

An Appointed Expert shall not act or have acted, nor shall any Claimant or Respondent seek to have an Appointed Expert act, in any judicial, arbitral or similar proceedings relating to the dispute that is or was the subject of proceedings under the Rules, whether as a judge, an arbitrator, an expert or fact witness, or a representative or Adviser. CH06 R At the time of payment, an advice in writing should be sent to: The Answer, if any, shall be accompanied by any additional documents that the Respondent considers necessary to support its Answer.

Proceedings under the Rules are not arbitral proceedings and a Decision is not an arbitral award. If the dispute arises out of or is in connection with an instrument, undertaking or agreement that does not provide for the application of ICC Banking Rules, it shall be administered under the Rules only if each Claimant and each Respondent so agree. Moreover, in the interest of transparency, but also of standardization and education, redacted DOCDEX decisions will be published more regularly and promptly after being rendered.

If a Respondent does not submit an Answer, the proceedings shall nonetheless continue.