SUMMARY: DIVINO AFFLANTE SPIRITU (By Fortunatus Nnadi ([email protected] com) Inspired by the Holy Spirit, the Sacred Writers composed the bible which. Divino afflante spiritu: Pius XII: World War II and the Holocaust: In his Divino afflante spiritu (“With the Help of the Divine Spirit”; ), for example, he sanctioned. DIVINO AFFLANTE SPIRITU Encyclical of Pope pius xii concerning the advancement of biblical studies. The document is dated Sept. 30, , feast of St.

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Let priests therefore, who are bound by their office to procure the eternal salvation of the faithful, after they have themselves by diligent study perused the sacred pages and made them their own by prayer and meditations, assiduously distribute the heavenly treasures of the divine word by sermons, homilies and exhortations; let them confirm the Christian doctrine by sentences from the Sacred Books and illustrate it by outstanding examples from sacred history and in particular from the Gospel of Christ Our Lord; and – avoiding with the greatest care those purely arbitrary and far-fetched adaptations, which are not a use, but rather an abuse of the divine word – let them set forth all this with such eloquence, lucidity and clearness that the faithful may not only be moved and inflamed to reform their lives, but may also conceive in their hearts the greatest veneration for the Sacred Scripture.

For Catholic exegetes, by a right use of those same scientific arms, not infrequently abused by the adversaries, proposed such interpretations, which are in harmony with Catholic doctrine and the genuine current of tradition, and at the same time are seen to have proved equal to the difficulties, either raised by new explorations and discoveries, or bequeathed by antiquity for solution in our time.

For the Sacred Books were not given by God to men to satisfy afflahte curiosity or to provide them with material for study and research, but, as the Apostle observes, in order that these Divine Oracles might “instruct us to salvation, by the faith which is in Christ Jesus” and “that the man of God may be perfect, furnished to every good work. Jerome himself, by means of which the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles are being so widely diffused, “that there is no Christian family any more without them and that all are accustomed to read and meditate them daily.

There is no one who cannot easily perceive that the conditions of biblical studies and their subsidiary sciences have greatly changed within the last fifty years.

Divino afflante spiritu

As in our age, indeed new questions and new difficulties are multiplied, so, by God’s favor, new means and aids to exegesis are also provided. Apostolic Letter Scripturae SanctaeFeb. Politics Urban Studies U.


When then such modes of expression are met within the sacred text, which, being meant for men, is couched in human language, justice demands that they be no more taxed with error than when they occur in the ordinary intercourse of daily life.

This text promoted an account of revelation as a multifaceted reality, and outlined a rounded account of biblical interpretation that endorsed some styles of modern historical critical analysis while insisting that Scripture should be interpreted in the light of a knowledge of what God intended to convey through Scripture.

Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Sedis XIIp. It first cites recent discoveries in archeology, ancient history, linguistics, and other technical sciences contributing to a better understanding of the Bible.

Encyclical Letter Spiritus ParaclitusSept. Views Read Edit View history. This can be done all the more easily and fruitfully if to the knowledge of languages be joined a real skill in literary criticism of the same text. The Oxford Handbook of Catholic Theology. Retrieved from ” https: A final section suggests an agenda for the future development of Catholic exegesis.

Divino afflante spiritu | encyclical by Pius XII |

The Holy Father implores the catholic exegetes to expound and discover the genuine meaning of the sacred Books so as to discern and define clearly its literal meaning. Sedis XIIpp. As the document itself states, the remote occasion for spritus encyclical was the considerable development in archeological, historical, and other technical fields during the decades preceding II, 16; PL 34, col.

Nevertheless no one will be surprised, if all difficulties are not yet solved and overcome; but that even today serious problems greatly exercise the minds of Catholic spirritus. Sign in to annotate.

For, apart from anything else, when Our Predecessor published the Encyclical Letter Providentissimus Deushardly a single place in Palestine had begun to be explored by means of relevant excavations. Aided by the context and by comparison with similar passages, let them therefore by means of their knowledge of languages search out with all diligence the literal meaning of the words; all these helps indeed are wont to be pressed into service in the explanation also of profane writers, so that the mind of the author may be made abundantly clear.

Pius concludes his encyclical with an appeal for peace. Biblical Interpretation since Divino afflante Spiritu. Pope Afflante sets forth to expound the content of Providentissimus Deus and to defend them.


The first section is devoted to a historical summary of the teachings and activities of Leo XIII and succeeding popes concerning the study of the Bible. Affflante infrequently – to mention only one spiriths – when some persons reproachfully charge the Sacred Writers with some historical error or inaccuracy spiriuts the recording of facts, on closer examination it turns out to be nothing else than those customary modes of expression and narration peculiar to the ancients, which used to be employed in the mutual dealings of social life and which in fact were sanctioned by common usage.


This page was last edited on 5 Julyat And if the wished-for solution be slow in coming or does not satisfy us, since perhaps a successful conclusion may be reserved to posterity, let us not wax impatient thereat, seeing that in us also is rightly verified what the Fathers, and especially Augustine,[33] observed in their time viz: Many of them also, by the written word, have promoted and do still promote, far and wide, the study of the Bible; as when they edit the sacred text corrected in accordance with the rules of textual criticism or expound, explain, and translate it into the vernacular; or when they propose it to the faithful for their pious reading and meditation; spriitus finally when they cultivate afflahte seek the aid of profane sciences which are useful for the interpretation of the Scriptures.

Nor should We fail to mention here how earnestly these same Our Predecessors, when the opportunity occurred, recommended the study or preaching or in fine the pious reading and meditation on the Avflante Scriptures. Wherefore let the Bishops, on whom devolves the paternal care of their Seminaries, with all diligence see to it that nothing be omitted in this matter which may help towards the desired end.

No less earnestly do We inculcate obedience at the present day to the counsels and exhortations which he, in his day, so wisely enjoined. And let all know that this prolonged labor is not only necessary for the right understanding of the divinely-given writings, but also is urgently demanded by that piety by which it behooves us to be spirihus to the God of all providence, Who from the throne of His majesty has sent these books as so many paternal letters to His own children.

It is indeed regrettable that such precious treasures of Christian antiquity are almost unknown to many writers of the present day, and that students of the history of exegesis have not yet accomplished all that seems necessary for the due investigation and appreciation of so momentous a subject. Riding Time Like a River: Click here to sign up.

Concerning what should obtain in the present day, he makes an addition by inculcating obedience to the above counsels and exhortations. Public users are able to search the site and view the abstracts and keywords for each book and chapter without a subscription.