In the prologue to Gaelen Foley’s latest novel, Devil Takes A Bride, we see a woman flying for her life. Her pursuers are members of a. Celebrated storyteller Gaelen Foley brings her craft to new heights with Devil Takes a Bride, the seductive tale of a man bent on revenge and the beauty. Devil Takes A Bride is the latest installment in the Knight family saga by Gaelen Foley. Characters from the earlier novels play a supporting role in this one.

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Although a longer book at pages, Gaelen Foley did a superb job of combining the mystery part of the story with the growing relationship between Dev and Lizzie and I was riveted til the final page.

Devil Takes A Bride — All About Romance

In this entertaining, if somewhat melodramatic, tale, Foley manages to do what few authors have—write a truly sensual romance, possessing depth of plot and character, that isn’t overburdened by sex scenes. Published April 27th by Ivy Books first published Well gaeleb, it is a good thing that it can be read as a stand alone. To date there are seven books in the Knight family series, of which I have read six, as follows. First, in my opinion the plot and romance in this were not as nuanced as it was in the first book, which is the only other one in the series I have read so far.

I go for door number 2 every time, unless the questioning takez be done yakes the person was tied to a chair, that’d make sense then. For all these years he has lived with the guilt of being the reason his family was at that inn on that fateful day, spending his years having adventures at gadlen, trying to find peace, b She made him want to shake off the chains of the past, give up the awful burden of hate; she made him want to live, and be happy.


Nevertheless, I liked this one. I couldn’t make myself continue. Want to Read saving….

Sep 26, Jane Stewart rated it it was ok Shelves: She is hard at work on her next book. Their story, the trials they go through separately and together and the wonderful all-consuming love they find for each other. Foley is masterful at painting word pictures that make me feel like I’m right there and part of the story. Loved seeing Devlin slowly become enamored by his Aunt’s lady companion.

Apr 25, Pages Buy. Devil takes a Bride was bloody good read- well worth the 4 stars! The secondary cast was equally as well-developed as Dev and Lizzie. I liked Devlin as well, he and Lizzie share similar challenges, the biggest is that they are both alone and looking for a family. There are very few villains that stand out to me while reading HR, there are the typical haughty villains who cackle and throw feeble threats and then there are these guys.

Aug 12, Ursula rated it really liked it Shelves: And why did I finish it?!?! Devil Takes a Bride is a near-perfect novel with thoroughly likable main characters, dastardly villains, suspense, sweet and sensuous romance, and an action-packed ending, and to top it all off, everything flowed together with the smoothness of an ocean current.


At another point when Devlin divulges his plans for revenge to Lizzie, Lizzie leaves him even though she fully realizes that Devlin’s last thread to life was her.

Their romance was very sweet. I adored her all throughout the first four books when she was just a shy, bookish companion to Jacinda Knight, but in Devil Takes a BrideLizzie definitely comes into her own.

It was however, very sweet and a good, exciting book that I couldn’t put down, albeit flawed. Heroine calls him on his neglect of the aunt. She didn’t allow the hero, or anyone, to control her. Since then, Alec has realized that Lizzie-Bits, as he fondly calls her-is actually pretty awesome and he wants her back. The characters, their back story, the never-ending plot full of twists and turns dealing with revenge, murder, secrets and oh yes a lovely love-triangle thrown in there too.


Devil Takes a Bride

But let’s wait and see if there roley another explanation. Plus I get so sick of the simpering female leads, the pompous, way too self-assure and angsty male leads.

Even though she thought she had failed in guiding him through his grief, she actually did far more for him that she may have known. Many of the conflicts, or tropes, I would say, were unnecessary for the overall plot and were written so half-heartedly that they detracted from the story. She is not the heroine of this novel. Apr 01, Jo rated it liked it Shelves: The moon went dark, swallowed by a sinuous cloud-dragon, but he did not slow his bbride, thundering down the road, gathering power and rage every second, rising to hit like the hammer of a hurricane.

I like her characters and writing but I foldy almost always bored with her stories. He cupped his hand possessively over her mound. Both Lizzie and Devlin come with baggage from their past, but after friendship turns to passion which turns to love, both are able to settle the demons of their past and take a chance at love and happily ever after.

I only wish she could have had more scenes. Can Lizzie believe that this time her heart is not in danger of being broken again, and will Devlin choose love or vengeance?