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For example, a successful golfer with a great golf swing knows the importance of keeping his head down and following through with his swing.

Dunnigan also talks about the Sq Root method of calculating targets – expecially for stocks in order to make sense of high priced vs low priced stocks. Money Management stops can come into play filetyp the trip to T7 Top, forcing us to liquidate S1 and S2 lots.

When examining potential equity positions, consider the size of ownership held by senior management. You may want to check it out. And what a clean chart – not even a trend line. A complicated investment plan is not always a better plan.

Technical analysis and seasonality analysis are skills that improve with experience and study. I theorized that the down bar B8 should really start from the close of the previous bar and the DCB should only be an inside day and therefore ignored.

If we are lucky, the market will nullify this dang PSS, but beginning to look like whipsaw city in this campaign.


I have marked the trades in back-adjusted chart grtman the YM contract for my own study and journal. The money that Fib tracks using the internals.

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At worst, stay away from dennnis that technically are overbought or oversold. Considering the hook close on Friday, I vote for an outside day, high wave candle formation.

Nah, I don’t think this is as educational as you make it out to be. If only one of the initial reasons for the transaction remains, reduce positions. Although I set up ddnnis seperate account to trade in order to avoid conflicts with my daytrading positions, all my trades only qualify as the Short Term trades on repeat buys for quick profits, having let go the first two lots which were supposed to be held till an actual Reversal Sell is generated.

Also the low was only fractionally lower than the previous day. Is North Korea going to nuke all the corn fields or what? My source is Dunnigan’s own writings. For a guy who normally goes all in and takes off pieces as the trade goes in my favor, pyramiding was a new and strange experience. High self esteem A strong belief system fieltype a strong spiritual belief, belief in one self, belief in others, belief in your trading system and belief that your efforts will be successful Entrepreneurial thinking A passion for excellence A competitive spirit Discipline Adrienne Laris Toghraie offers programs and publications that coach individuals who want to go the next step toward successful trading.

Comments and opinions are by Tech Talk. When the DJIA is in the rally mode, filrtype is better to look for uptrending stocks in the Dow stable, rather than fight the main trend either in the sector or in the index.


Honing your skills will improve returns and reduce risk over time. Airedale, the Hurst cycle specialist, made a mention of Dunnigan’s Thrust and One Way methods, which appealed to me a lot. Looking a little higher first, then about two levels of more immediate support. No way of knowing this till the settlement is known, but the price action smelled like Bottom Reversal.

The craven vultures from CNBC are out with a fresh story this evening, discussing “The Commodity King’s” stance on gold and how it’s heading ‘demonstrably’ higher. Have a plan and work your plan. Successful traders keep a diary of their trading activity and adjust their plan according to their past experiences. A must read for stock traders. The P2T signal bottom gartma B1 Bottom.

Education – natural wave consulting

Only cennis positions should be increased Do not add to losing positions. The final bar in the chart below has the wrong color – it should be white as it is still considered an Inside Bar according to DOW rules of marking swings.

But it is not the Dunnigan way.