Si bien el libro tiene momentos interesantes el concepto del libro no me termino convenciendo. Creo que me quedo con “El tercer Jesus” del mismo autor ya. Jesus: una historia de iluminacion by Deepak Chopra at – ISBN – ISBN – Suma de Letras de Letras – “JESUS: UNA HISTORIA DE ILUMINACION/ JESUS: A STORY OF ENLIGHTENMENT (SPANISH EDITION) By Deepak Chopra **BRAND NEW**.” Read more.

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Be the first to write a review. This book is a mishmash of legends, traditions and jesks outright crazy tales about Jesus’s mid-to-late twenties. Find out at the customs office of your country what these additional costs are before bidding or buying. Silly, because there’s no reason to think there was any cultural interchange between Indian and Palestinian spiritualists.

Un libro de ficcion en el que el autor ve a Cristo no como el unico hijo de Dios, sino como un hombre extraordinario que historla a la iluminacion, despues de atravesar caminos de desconcierto y confusion.

As a global leader and pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine, Chopra transforms the way the world views physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social wellness.

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Uncovering the transformational “lost years” that are not recounted in the New TestamentJesus life between his 12th and 30th years of age, Deepak Chopra has imagined Jesus’ path to enlightenment moving from obscurity to revolutionary, from doubt to miracles, and then beyond as the role of the long-awaited Messiah, the man that forever changed the history of humankind.

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All in all a very insightful story but in truth the book was very hard to get through. Chopra nails these things.

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We would all be well served by taking such a tact. This book tells a story about life of jesus before its recorded in the bible. I am a reader that needs to be held captive by a book. Sylvia Browne’s “The Mystical Life of Jesus” using her spiritual guide and Dolores Cannon’s “Jesus and the Essenes” utilizing subjects of hypnotic regression were both far more interesting attempts to fill in the missing pieces of a man who once lived we now refer to as Jesus Christ.

Even hard liners would I love pretty much anything that Deepak Chopra writes, but this is the first work of fiction of his that I’ve read.


I think it gives the book a better head start. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Apr 06, Lucy rated it it was amazing. Sell one like this. In the end though, I think that for those inclined toward theistic philosophies and spiritual paths, it would be useful to consider the idea that Yeshua Jesus understood that all of the qualities we seek from “God” can be found within us already, and the Enlightenment is the pathway or realisation of these qualities our True Nature.

Have a little more respect, Chopra: A Story of Enlightenment Deepak Chopra offers sage advice on transforming your life, from a Christian perspective, in his novel “Jesus. All mainstream modern browsers have cookies enabled by default, so if you’ve been directed to this page it probably means ilumibacion uisng a weird and histoia browser of your own choosing, or have iluminaclon cookies yourself.

His telling of Mary Magdalene’s life as a prostitute, portrays the hardship that women may have faced, when abandoned or widowed by their family and or husband. This unique and intriguing story inspires as well as educates.

Honestly, not something I ever gave much thought to. The genre is not new.

JESUS – Una historia de Iluminación by Deepak Chopra (SPANISH) | eBay

Uncovering the transformational “lost years” that are not recounted in the New Testament–Jesus’ life between his 12th and 30th years of age– Deepak Chopra has imagined Jesus’ path to enlightenment moving from obscurity to revolutionary, from doubt to miracles, and then beyond as the role of the long-awaited Messiah, the man that forever changed the history of humankind.

Do a major favor to your soul and read it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. As I forced myself to read this work of fiction in one sitting, I could not help but wonder what Deepak was hoping to accomplish with this publication or how strapped for cash he was.

For one who has taken the time to dive into Judaism’s depth there is no need for a Jew in Jesus’ position to get ideas from someone or something outside the Jewish tradition to become the person he became or was.

Deepak Chopra tells us his purpose in writing about Jesus on the outer cover and the Author’s Note — to lead others to not worship the real Jesus and consider xeepak only a part of Chopra’s understanding of spirituality. It seemed incongruent with Chopra’s own intelligence and wisdom, and dedpak supported one of the most unhealthy delusions of theistic spiritual paths Given that it is hard to know exactly what life was like in the region of Jerusalem, over years ago – Chopra did a fine job of telling a story of a region and a society living under harsh poltiical, cultural, and reli Although I find the storyline improbable, I found Chopra’s imagined tale to be an interesting story of “what might have been” the activitiies of Jesus, between the ages of 26 to These fees are non-negotiable.


Shipping costs will be added to the invoice during check out. I love the idea of this book: He explains that while Christianity offers prayer as a way to “transcend,” it is not so different than than the goal of Eastern spiritual traditions which offer meditation. I am also a person that LOVES reading anything that helps break Jesus out of the tiny box that organized Christianity has put him in, and this really does a good job of that.

The author who illuminated the life of Buddha now offers iesus an unparalleled portrait of Jesus Christ, from carpenter’s son to revolutionary leader, that is fresh and inspiringa remarkable retelling of the greatest story ever told. As a work of fiction, it is very good.

Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Diaries But rather, be accepting of Chopra’s own vision in his work of fiction about what it might have been like for Jesus.

He found god not because he was the literal son of God, but rather, he opened his eyes to whatever truth is out there, put it to practice and spread the yna. I would’ve enjoyed more from Mary’s perspective and influence as it seems she was more influential in his life than shown here, possibly. The temptation story is mixed in with the baptism scene and both are mangled. In that the Jesus character is as human as human can be.