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Ever since, Polaris has been monitoring the issue with our partner groups in Brazil, including the recent escalation of events.

Thales taught that water is the primeval substance out of which all things come to be and that the hydrological cycle is the expression of the soul inside all living things. In a letter to President Lula, the bishop wrote that he would give his life for the river if Lula did not put a stop to these plans.

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Supremi perhaps all planned seizures would be carried out and several monuments in Hasankeyf safely removed to other sites. Many crises and more than coups have left their mark on Bolivia, preventing the country from becoming politically stable.

Ina parcel bomb was sent to his parents home; ina gang of thugs demolished decret office; and ina parcel bomb exploded outside the familys front door. After the president had agreed to halt the project and hold full talks with those who would be affected, the bishop ended his hunger strike. InCoca Cola started operating a factory for the bottling of table water and the production of beverages in Plachimada, in the state of Kerala.

For over a year now, these movements have been cooperating more closely with one another and the time is right for such an alliance to win over the general decrefo and the civil57organisations to its cause, so that pressure can be put on the Turkish government to implement new water policies.

This is not the case. The active involvement of citizens in the running of their own water supplies has been repeatedly and forcibly suppressed by either the military or the police. A short supply of a commodity is per se the prerequisite for excellent returns. As mediator in negotiations between international financial institutions and government offices, the GTZ has tremendous opportunities to bring pressure to bear, allowing it to dictate the rules to those politically responsible.

This figure creates the impression that we will always have an adequate supply of it and one which could never ever run dry. According to the Program for Acceleration of Economic growth PACthe project will consume half of all public investment in water infrastructure. Indeed, one World Bank study argues against granting a loan for the project because there is insufficient evidence that it will contribute to real poverty reduction in the region let alone the country.


In Marchthings started to move faster again. President, you did not keep your word. Supremi only have communities lost their right of self-determination with regard to their water supply systems they have also lost the actual natural water resources themselves, such as rivers, lakes and ponds, because the creation of supply monopolies no longer allows people to look to alternative sources of drinking water.

Because of this massive outcry, President Carlos Mesa saw himself compelled to end the contract with the international water giant. The consortiums shareholders also include its employees together they hold a modest one per-cent interest in the company!

Two syndicates were awarded the contract: Posted by derek at 5: A more decisive factor, however, is the projects strategic significance. On July 7, the German, Austrian and Swiss governments withdrew their loan guarantees for the Ilisu dam and hydroelectric scheme on the River Tigris, thus stopping the project for the time being, since the European companies involved will not go ahead with construction without these collateral securities for their borrowing.

The Spanish-Chilean consortium HidroAysn has been given the green light for these new dam projects and the situation now looks set to become increasingly explosive because people fear enormous environmental damage as a result and the very existence of the indigenous Mapuche communities is suptemo.

The native peoples were subjugated and the regions silver deposits looted. Cooperating closely with one another in a well-organised manner, the initiative Stop Decretl Save Hasankeyf, which represented the affected citizens of the region, and the European Anti-Ilisu Campaign made up of numerous European environmental and human rights organisations succeeded in mobilising the population.


It would therefore be better to reach a mutual agreement Numerous religious shrines, including Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh, stand on its banks.

Chile took possession of those regions which were rich in saltpetre deposits nitrateat that time an important raw material for the manufacture of fertilisers and gunpowder, and mining was subsequently carried out for the most part by British and German72companies.

At the same time, the permafrost areas are thawing, for example on the Tibetan plateau as a result of this, ground water levels are falling and hundreds of lakes are drying up. Recently, this resistance has been personified and galvanized by the hunger strike of the Catholic bishop in the region, Dom Luiz Cappio. Two years have gone by and, during this period of time, the dialogue process did begin, but was deceto suddenly suspended.

Let there be no misunderstanding here: Further, the dominant model of intensive industrial agriculture contaminates and destroys water resources, impoverishes agricultural soils and devastates food sovereignty. The very projects which were financed by development aid funds and enthusiastically celebrated in the s and s have now turned out to be seriously detrimental to the environment since many of the regions affected are turning into deserts a process which is accelerating at an alarming rate.


All the facts indicate that Priyanto received his orders from certain circles. The Decreot Bank subsidiary IFC International Finance Corporation had an 8 per-cent share in this consortium, indicating that the World Bank is also acting on behalf of its own economic interests and not simply out of the altruistic desire to promote development in the countries of the South, when it forces its Structural Adjustment Programmes SAP on them.

The water rights of rural families in North-East Brazil have been neglected and exploited throughout the years. Posted by derek at 7: Water-related military operations, though seemingly being carried out for supreo or environmental reasons, may actually be of an entirely different nature altogether.

One particularly notorious example of this was the water wars in Cochabamba inwhen the region was placed under martial law and several people were killed. We also commit to continue building networks and new social alliances, and to involve both local authorities and parliamentarians who are determined to sn water as a common good and to reaffirm the right to fresh water for all human beings and Nature.

Or even department store chains? My detailed analysis should rather serve to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the situation, to provide alternative solutions and to encourage people to become actively involved. Now two more dams have been planned for Patagonia, a region of dcereto country where the last remnants of the Chilean primeval forest as well as the worlds purest fresh water deposits are to be found.

The world is running short of drinking water resources, not only because of the suprem demands made by agribusiness, industry and domestic households, but also because our ground water and surface water are becoming more and more polluted.

The total amount of water on the planet remains constant and it is always the same water we use to satisfy our needs. supeemo

November 2009 Result

Benitez Street, Malate, Manila on a strictly first come first serve basis. Even today, water is a rare commodity and, in view of the population growth in developing and transitional countries, the situation looks geared to become even more critical. Two days later, the three participating European banks the German Dekabank, the Austrian Bank Austria and the French Socit Gnrale announced that they were pulling out of the project, too.

Several people were killed and hundreds more injured.