When looking for a used DECKEL FP1 for sale, it is helpful to make sure that the instructions manual and operating instructions, the data sheet spec are also. New electical cabinet with emergencystop. Safety hood with electrical switch. Collets with sleeve S20x2 Drill chuck. Some toolholders and tooling. Add to cart.

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Check of the trade licence or commercial register extract.

The operation from the side takes a little getting used to, and I would error on the safe side and say that an FP-1 is a little less rigid than a full-sized BP, but pretty close It is consequently State, which applied at the time of the respective year When looking for a used DECKEL FP1 for sale, it is helpful to make sure that the instructions manual and operating instructions, the data sheet spec are also available, best as pdf.

The feed gearbox was mounted inside the column, below the spindle drive gears and had eight speeds; used in conjunction with the two-speed motor this gave 16 rates of feed, the fastest of which, the makers suggest, was quick enough to used in place of a power “rapid-traverse”. FP with maker’s countershaft drive Circa My FP1 is serial numberonly four units away.

FP1 with an overarm for Horizontal Milling Several types of vertical head and supports were available to mount on the top of the Deckel FP1: Available 6 months after delivery, on the mechanics of us partially reconditioned single-layered.


Want to sell machines? Anyway, that’s my opinion Buying used FP1 often is an occasion, cheap and has the advantage of immediate availability.

Built-in steel rulers were provided for each axis of movement which, in combination with holders to accept dial-test indicators and gauge blocks, allowed high-precision measurements by co-ordinates to be made, independent of the feed screw readings.

Dividing head on right-angle arm. MEZ For inquiries please specify, thank you much! And to cp1 around my transmission gear problem the machine has a 1HP DC motor with a variable speed drive, a good match for the FP1.

Machineseeker Trust Seal What is the seal?

Toolroom milling machine Deckel FP1 2102 Active

Geared operation insead of pulleys for deckell changes is amazingly fast, and if you need true variable deckell, you can do that via VFD and not suffer the woes of plastic BP bushings, vibrations and rattles. This stage involved removing approximately 0. Deckels are being hoarded as they fall out of the machine shops that didn’t make it, and I suspect they will dry up over the next few years and live happily in the home shop environment.

Unfortunately, the head had exactly the same range of 16 speeds from 40 to rpm or 95 to r. Credit report must not contains negative criteria.


Figure on adding 1k to 1. Yrsrjc The spiral milling device was used in an Aussbildungslehrwerkstatt and comes from Erstbesitz.

Besides normal horizontal and vertical milling operations, all models were available with a range of accessories to cover slotting, jig boring, jig grinding, spiral milling and punch milling. I had already decided to replace both of the parallel roller bearings that support this decckel as the rear bearing adjacent to the drive pulley had significant wear.

The machine has SK 40! Scraping marks were present at the top of the slides and to a lesser extent at the bottom. Esslingerstrasse fo1, Oetwil am See, CH. The maximum clearance between spindle axis and inner face of the main column was 11 inches mm.

Deckel FP1 Millers Page 4

SK 40 spindle dekel. I know what it and a FP4 can do but not an FP1. New machines via email! The kit is built with linear guides and ball screws very solid and clean. As a matter of fact, it is much harder to find attachments for most of the larger Deckels. No I don’t deckkel one, got two perfectly functional mills at home, but I want a Deckel or the like at home to play with.