Death Korps of Krieg formations come in two types: companies and support formations. Each company you include in the army allows you to field any two. A full platoon of Astra Militarum infantry; 51 resin miniatures in total; Includes a Death Korps Command section, 6 heavy weapon teams and 4, man infantry. I’ve played 8th for a couple of months very casually with a Death Guard I stumbled upon some Death Korps of Krieg miniatures and boy do they look cool. make also sure to get the normal Astra Mimitarum Codex from GW.

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Minotaur Artillery Tank Forge World: One of the better relics too! And “never take it” in a tournament or if you’re a win at all costs player.

Numerous details are included — the models feature dexth rolls on their backpacks, entrenching tools hanging from their belts and canisters. Can be carried by either normal Infantry Squads or Command Squads, and gives all Death Korps units within 6″ of a unit with a model in it with one of these may add 1 to its Leadership when taking a Morale test. War would become all that they would ever know — raised to fight from the cradle to the grave.

Death Korps of Krieg | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Commander is a tad more interesting. You will need to take it in a Supreme Command detachment to assign your Shadowsword to a regiment, which means 3 HQs, but you were going to take those Primaris Psykers and Lord Commissars already, right?

The harsh environment of Krieg prepares the Death Korps for such dire threats as those that they faced during the infamous Imperial campaign known as the Siege of Vraks.

I honestly dont know where people get this belief that the death korps are not astra militarum and that they have no “regiment” keyword application. After more than standard years of the most nightmarish warfare imaginable and an incalculable price paid in human life and suffering, Krieg belonged to the Death Korps.

This is more special if you have multiple detachments, as Company Commanders may order units only from their own Regiment. Is the pdf of the siege Regiment still valid or has it been updated? Macharius Family Forge World: Some units may be better served having versatility though.

Kogp Spotter 2 CP: Damage doesn’t spill, so it’s more efficient against singular huge targets of any kind. This is perhaps the most specialized of all the Leman Russ options, so only consider bringing it against targets that depend on cover saves Space Marine Scouts with camo cloaks, Eldar Rangers, AdMech with cover canticles, Poxwalkers, Vindicare Assassins, Imperial Guard, etc.


Where can I get the Death Korps of Krieg rules?

kodp Lasguns and Hot-shot Lasguns become Pistol 2. This is basically your equivalent of FRFSRF, and unless you’re under 12″, actually gives the same firepower – no range change so you get 24″ Pistol 2. The Engineers get to sneak in the backline, close enough where their 12in shotguns can have the range on something important and blow it to tiny bits. It gets larger dice rolls versus units of 5 models or more, letting it outpace the Battle Cannon dwath though using such a short-ranged and expensive weapon against anything but TEQ is a mis-allocation of resources.

It is entirely legal – and fluffy – for your Field Officer, his assigned Vox operator having been killed, to run to a nearby squad of Grenadiers and commandeer their Vox Operator to continue sending orders! Compared to Autocannons, it is better against the hordiest and heaviest units such as Guardsmen or tanks, but the auto cannon has a slight edge against MEQ, a decent edge against T5 and T6 MEQ and TEQ, and kicks ass against almost anything with 2 wounds, especially with light or medium armor like Nobz or Rough Riders as neither frag nor krak missiles are fully effective against such models.

Psychic Maelstrom is generally much better than Smiteso kkorp taking it as your 2nd backup power. Considering they include some of the AM orders in the book, I’d put it as a firm no. It actually costs less, thanks to Chapter Approved 20 points to the battle cannon’s All Astra Militarum units within 6″ of your warlord re-roll failed wounds against that unit. Gorgon Heavy Transporter Forge World: Ultimately, Heavy Bolters are better against enemies with better saves, and Twin Heavy Stubbers are better against enemies with worse saves.

Honestly, you could have just looked it up, instead of assuming and making yourself look like an idiot. Allows the ordered Russ to both fire its weapons including Grinding advance and protect itself with its smoke launchers, as if it had two shooting phases.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Death Korps of Krieg(8E)

Death Korps Quartermaster Cadre: No heavy flamer, medi-pack, deaty heavy weapons teams in this command squad, but what you do get is the ability to use the Regimental Standard. Alternatively, give shadowsword-senpai some minions!

The citizens of Krieg are gloomy but hard-working folk, and this is reflected in the weapons and equipment used by the Death Korps, which tends to be very utilitarian compared to that of other, flashier Imperial Guard regiments.


Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. Your infantry squads may not be so eager to be in close combat, but Bullgryn and Crusaders are. Retrieved from ” http: Your ad here, right now: Chapter Approved has added another 12 pts to its cost.

I just simply don’t expect my Space Marines coodex buff my Guard and vice versa. So far so good. The flat bonus to saves can make certain units stupidly durable; suggestions include Bullgryns, Korpsmen, Crusaders, and anything in the Baneblade family – pf affects Invulnerable saves, too! Other superior choices, provided you can get them in, include an Inquisitor or Guilliman who will both need their own detachment to avoid breaking Doctrine, which isn’t hard for Guilliman since he’s a Lord o War choiceor an Astropath or Primaris Psyker using the Fearless power which the Inquisitor also has.

Now that I have figured out how I want to paint my Death Korp, I will go on to make a starting list at points with them. They haven’t found their niche yet.

Some folks may balk at losing the Leadership 8 buff, but as I attach my Commissars to Conscript Blobs and almost always lose at least 1 even if I deaht the buff, I find that the loss of the buff to be well worth fitting in the detachment and the gaining of a free point to spend elsewhere. In response to the revolt, Colonel Jurten xeath quickly to take control of the hive city from its vacillating rulers in a military coup. Unfortunately specifies Chimera only, so lrieg Stormlord or Macharius command vehicles for you.

General Movement Psychic 7th Fortifications. A must-have for any list focusing on Death Riders. Before the IG Codex, it was the time of mixed Imperium armies.

Kriegers lack dearh things that make Imperial Guard awesome, like Veterans, WyvernsVendettas and Creedbut instead they hold the fucking line like none can, and drown the field in a shit-ton of cheap artillery, oh and did we mention you can take 80 heavy-weapons teams? The anti-infantry version may seem tempting, but vultures do this job much better at a cheaper cost.

Makes the missile go from 5.