To start with, how did your involvement with Fiendish Codex II begin? Devils have always struck me as the coolest of infernal D&D baddies. Fiendish Codex – Play Role Online. Views . show all. Fiendish Codex II – Tyrants of the Nine Hells – Dropbox ยท Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells is a supplement designed to be the resource for information about devils and the Nine Hells of the D&D world.

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Any advice for parties making that extreme trek, or for DMs attempting to run such games? I made sure that all the layers were nasty in their own way, and would under no circumstances book a vacation to any part of the Hells.

Devil-Touched is a doorway to gaining new feats that get better with the more devil-touched feats you select. Beyond the lords, what does Fiendish Codex II mention of the other denizens: Robert Schwalb explains how he became involved with this book: These are doomed characters that fight for their redemption.

A force of virtue?

Played skillfully, a diabolical organization in the material plane should have your players wishing they’d gone to Hell instead! Can you tell us something of the nature of Hell as now presented in this book: They bust down your door. The hellfire engine covers the infernal covex machine. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells – Wikipedia

What of new, previously unknown devils? There’s a lot of stuff in the canon that would have been great to fit in, but much of it was contradictory, and some simply couldn’t fit inside.

As they advance, they also acquire additional abilities, letting them develop devilish traits. Soulguards are openly opposed to the practices of the devils and are especially outraged by their foul bargains with mortals and their stealing of souls. One thing that we did not cover were the Ancient Baatorians.


As warlocks begin this prestige class and advance in it, they attain greater options in the uses of hellfire.

The number of players out there that run 66th-level fienndish are relatively miniscule to the folks playing characters between 6th and 15th. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not; it’s true to the baatezu, and their word is law.

Devils have been among the coolest for d& since I got my hands on the 1st edition Monster Manual. Now she finally gets what she wanted. They gain evil’s exception, an ability that allows them to utilize evil magic items and spells without picking up those pesky negative levels.

The ocdex longer answer is maybe. They don’t wait around waiting for you to come bust down their dungeon doors and take their loot.

It is described as being, like any proper myth, true–whether it happened or not. Glasya’s ascension is an example of evolving the existing materials. Oh, and the aspect of Asmodeus has a CR So I cut back on that concept somewhat, while still leaving traces of it for those who still want to recreate the Planescape vibe. R&d short, the hellbred is a great codrx for player’s looking to play doomed champions, anti-heroes, and other dark and gloomy characters without having to play an evil alignment.

Fiendish Codex II

Wizards of the Coast. The hellbreaker specializes in breaking into and out of the Nine Hells to filch from the baatezu.

Our thanks to everyone who took the time to submit their fiendish questions. That picture of the paladin fighting for his life against a group of devils inspired my style of gaming–violent, cruel, and nasty.


Schwalband was published in December In my sections, I looked at a lot of materials, including the 1st edition Monster Manuals and Manual of the Planes, the Ed Greenwood articles in Dragon Magazine, Faces of the Fiends, Planes of Law and the rest of the Planescape setting sourcebooks, as well as the current materials that cover the Hells. They become tremendously effective combatants against devils.

Retrieved August 16, The new monster format gave me a lot more room to discuss the nature, character, and motives of these fiends, giving them their proper due. Do you really want to do the dirty work of the baatezu? Chris Perkins pinged me to work on Fiendish Codex Ibut tragically I was swamped with a project for another company, and so I had to take a pass.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For warlock fans, I designed the hellfire warlock. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: If I did my job right, every lawful PC will be on their best behavior from here on out, to avoid damnation. Are these the actual lords, or aspects more suitable for a high-level party to someday meet? Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Each layer has an archdevil that rules it. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve had a fondness for Glasya since Monster Manual 2 –what can I say, I like women with horns and tails.

Since the Hells have only nine layers and nine archdevils, as a setting, this plane gives DM’s a finite playing field and injects political intrigue, grotesque violence, treachery, deceit, terrible bargains, and a healthy dose of totalitarian rule. Tiamat is an interesting case.