Vishnu sahasranama (sanskrit) (pdf, 79kb). Vishnu Sahasranama . Om > Deities > Dattatreya > names of Dattatreya (decl). names of Dattatreya ( decl). dattatreya related Sanskrit Documents in IAST script, available in various Indian dakārādi śrī dattasahasranāmastotram | dakArAdi shrI datta sahasranAma. Sri Dattatreya Sahasranama Stotram & Namavali: Buy Sri Dattatreya Sahasranama Stotram & Namavali online –

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Sri Datta Sharana Ashtakam. Sayasranamam na Nirjit Maram Shadripu Sanharam. The gods in Krsna: The icon had ten arms while it has the right and left faces pacific and middle terrific. One should thus remain secretive, especially in spiritual life.

Bhattacharya’s reasons are as follows: Sahwsranamam BhaP gives the origin of the name of Dattatreya. Dasopanta is considered as the 17th avatara. Jupiter moves to Scorpio till Novemberknow its effects on your life! Moreover, the common man saw all these things with awe and respect towards a great man.

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There is one such figure at Tiruvorriyur. Agni’s births are three or three-fold I. Further references regarding the idea of associating the gods in groups of three will be found in RV.

The symbol in the raised right hand near this face is indistinct. Lastly, I should never forget to thank all those scholars including the members of the staff of Oriental Institute, friends and relatives, together with my wife, Indu, G. Dhayabdhir bhava drudan saagascha mathruka, Bhavathyapthamantho bhavanme saranya, Yadaa aalambanam bhoorhi bhoonir sruthangre, Sattatreya prarthitham datha sishyena saaram.

However, it burdens none and even helps them achieve their purpose.


There are epigraphic records which refer to the temples dedicated to Traipurusadeva in the Mysore district. The Ocean SB All the aspects sahasranamqm Godhead are fully manifest in Him. There is a three-headed bust, lying on the banks of Narmada river near Motikoral the last station on Miyagama-Koral Railway, in Gujarat Statewhich, it seems, has not attracted special attention of the scholars.

Dattatreya Sotras

Over and above these, sahasranamaj are different kinds of ear ornaments, which, he says, are sufficient proof against the sculpture being that of Trimurti.

Even among two, there might be unnecessary words or strife. Shukla, Navajivan, Ahmedabad, Dubois formed the opinion that the story proved that inspite of the great power, dattatrega i.

Vogel was informed that it was Laksmi but it is more probably Bhumi Devi as we have seen above. Jagat palaka jagadadheesa, Jagadodhara thava saranam, Akhilaanthaka thava saranam, Akhileswaraya thava saranam.

The second part gives the Malamantra where we find his connection with Jarana, Marana etc. Accordingly, she broke all the bangles except two on each hand. On hearing this, Sandili was shocked.

Its dattatreeya face is that of a female while the central and the right faces placid and frightful respectively. Sri Dattapadamrta, Narasobavadi Kolhapur It is of a limestone and belongs to the second half of the tenth century A.

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Varendra has three heads and ten arms while the Dhyana of Saradatilaka mentions four heads and eight arms. It carries in its hands Sula, Cakra, the Kamandalu and, perrhaps, Aksamala. The BhaP speaks of him as the sixth incarnation of Visnu. The most important date to perform this Vrata is Margashersha month – Ashtami day following the full moon.


The Vanamala is hanging from the shoulders and reaching down knees. Catalogus Catalogorum, Leipzig, The Fiery Pillar is Siva, he reveals in its splender. Illp.

The hands on the left have Cakra, Sankha dattatrwya Vyakhyana Mudra while the two right ones hold Kamandalu and phallus and the last one has Varada pose. It has got a message for the present world of worries and wars – physical, mental and spiritual. My salutations to Dathathreya, Who is much beyond, thinthick, short and tall, Who cannot be limited by name or caste, And who shines in the five spirits[4] of dattateeya world.

Maya youvane agnatho bhoga thoshath, Graheetham kadachina nama Dattatteya, Ksmaswaparadham, Ksmaswaparadham, Kshamaswaparad- ham, prabho klinna chitha.

Here Dattatreya gave him the highest knowledge which, according to the tradition is contained in the Jnana Kanda of Tripura Rahasya. Sun’s energy does not come from anywhere outside it comes from antar inside and that is the crux of Atmavidya.

Philosophical Interpretation We shall now examine the various views regarding the antiquity of the concept of trinity expressed by different scholars. The last mentioned figure from Saho is again similar to the inscribed brass statutte of Visnu from Fatepur, Kangra district, now preserved in the Lahore Museum.

Brahmavaivarta Purana Anandasrama Four Khandas: The Dhyanamantra in the beginning of the Up. The two great gods thereupon submit to its greatness and become the acolytes of the Fiery Pillar.