CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Objectives .. GDI graphics device interface. GHz gigahertz. GUI graphical user interface. GPS. The Windows GDI builds the page and then sends it to the printer. A less- sophisticated method of communicating to a printer is to use the GDI (Graphics Device. GDI is actually a Windows component and is not specific to printers. Instead, it’s a series of components that govern how images are presented to both monitors.

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These five companies make most of the printers on the market today.

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Guide, A+ Chapter 27 Printers and Multifunction Devices (1)

That’s your second potential bottleneck, and it has multiple components. Most inkjet printers use heat to move the ink, while a few use a mechanical method. Don’t always go for the highest possible scan if you don’t need the resolution and comltia depth. We use cookies to help make LingQ better.

Postscript Adobe Systems developed the PostScript page description language in the early s as a device-independent printer language capable of high-resolution graphics and scalable fonts. The RIP takes the digital comptiw about fonts and graphics and converts it to a rasterized image made up of dots that can then be printed.

To counter this problem, most laser printers have a special ozone filter that needs to be vacuumed or replaced periodically. Smaller, specialized printers called snapshot printers use dye-sublimation specifically for printing photos at a reduced cost compared to their full-sized counterparts.

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CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Guide, A+ Chapter 27 Print

Vomptia the resolution of the scan to dpi at bit resolution, and that faster scanner can take a full minute to complete the scan. The heated roller has a nonstick coating such asTeflon to prevent the toner from sticking to it. Solid ink printers become a bit more affordable when you factor in the cost of consumables.

A laser printer uses a chip called the raster image processor RIP to translate the raster image into commands to the laser. Any electrical charge present in the particles bleeds away into the grounded drum, leaving the surface particles electrically neutral.


Laser printers rely on the photoconductive properties of certain organic compounds. The color cartridge had separate compartments for cyan bluemagenta redand yellow ink, to print colors by using a method known as CMYK you’ll read more about CMYK later comptiw this chapter.

An inkjet printer also has a RIP, but it’s part of the software driver instead of onboard hardware circuitry. Using an inkjet printer, you can print on a variety of matte or glossy photo papers, iron-on transfers, and other specialty media; some printers can print directly onto specially coated optical discs, or comptis fabric.

Better scanners fdi you the option of copying directly from a photographic negative or slide, providing images of stunning visual quality assuming the original photo was halfway decent, of course! The enhanced resolution numbers are useless. No other piece of your computer system is available in a wider range of styles, configurations, and feature sets than a printer, or at such a wide price variation.

XPS provides several improvements over GDI, including enhanced color management which works with Windows Color System and better compptia layout fidelity. Today you can find color inkjet printers with six, eight, or more color cartridges. Toner Cartridge The toner cartridge in a laser printer is so named because of its most obvious activity: Ydi the prices and see how the ppm rate affects the price of two otherwise identical printers.

This gives you a total of 16, color variations in the scanned image, which explains why some scanners refer to this as “millions of colors” in their settings. Other printers include an onboard network adapter that uses a standard RJ Ethernet cable to connect the printer directly to the network by way of a router. Being highly standardized has advantages, but the control codes are extremely limited. As long as the printer has a capable enough raster image processor explained later in this chapter and plenty of RAM, you don’t need to worry about the printer language in most situations.


Windows doesn’t join the party until Windows 10, however, so be aware that you’ll need to install. This not only was more cost-effective for the user, but it also resulted in higher quality printouts. If it does, you may be able to plug your printer into a USB port on the router. The maximum number of pixels determines how well you can capture an image and how the image will look when scaled up in size.

Any particle on the drum struck by the laser becomes conductive and its charge is drained away into the grounded core of the drum. CompTIA wants you to know specifically about a few of these options, so we’ll discuss them in a little more depth.

Toner The toner in a laser printer is a fine powder made up of plastic particles bonded to pigment particles. Many dot-matrix printers use continuous-feed paper with holes on its sides that are engaged by metal sprockets to pull the paper through this is known as tractor-feed paper because the sprockets are reminiscent of the wheels on a tractor. The printing process ends with the physical and electrical cleaning of the photosensitive drum see Figure Virtual printers provide ydi nice way to save anything you can print, and they’re particularly good cokptia saving reference copies of information found on the Web.

Cloud and Remote Printing Blurring the line between traditional gddi virtual printing, a variety of applications, such as Google Cloud Print, will install a virtual printer on your system that wraps up your document and sends it out over the Internet or other network to a cloud server, which eventually ends up routing it to a real printer for printing all without needing to have a driver installed for it.