Eminent hacker Comex is back! He has hinted on developing a new jailbreak for iOS 11operating system. Here’s what the hacker tweeted. Famous iPhone Hacker Comex working on Cydia Substrate alternative Popular jailbreak hackers comex and cmwdotme release tool to emulate iOS and . And no, you probably wouldn’t want to surf the Web with it. But a video created by a hacker named Comex demonstrates a watch jailbreak.

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The last time we heard from him, he was going to work for Apple. Comex has just tweeted that he is no longer associated with Apple. Check out this ever-expanding database of Jailbreak developers below…. Show him a tweak he hasn’t installed. Id like to think iam good online but ckmex not. Allegra worked two separate internship stents at Apple, the first during the fall of and the second during this past summer.

iOS Hacker Comex Interested in Developing iOS 11 Jailbreak

He also mentions that due to his working on a Cydia alternative, a lot of drama will take place in the jailbreak community. The young Canadian hacker iH8Sn0w has been responsible for several Jailbreaking related tools, the most popular being Sn0wBreeze ; that is a Windows alternative to the PwnageTool Jailbreak tool.

It looks like he is now going to be working for Google. Taking advantage of them could be seen as a federal offense. Sign up for our iPhoneHacks Daily newsletter to get the top Apple news stories delivered to your inbox.

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Why Should I Jailbreak? If you have been following Comex over the last couple years on Twitter you would realize that he keeps a very low profile. Unlike the App Store, Cydia contains very few apps; but rather tweaks and system modifications to customize how your iDevice functions. mailbreak

I wont be able to afford to get it unlocked by that company by the time its her birthday please help. The content of this website is not supplied or reviewed by Apple Inc.

iOS Hacker Behind Popular Jailbreak Tools Like JailbreakMe, Spirit No Longer Works For Apple

Comex will be developing a Comec alternative called Substitute, if given enough time. Chpwn, or Grant Paul, is a developer responsible for several popular iOS Cydia tweaks and is even a contributor to the Cydia open source project.

Thanks for your time.

On the Substitue Github pagethe hacker explains what exactly is this Substitute and why is he opting to write an alternative to Substrate. Since a young age Allegra his been interested in computer programming:. When I open Cydia app, I get a network error stating that the certificate for the server is invalid.

ocmex Prepare for the new year with the best apps of [Deals]. Designed by Blog Consulting. News Nicholas Allegra, or “comex,” created an iOS jailbreak that was used by millions of people before Apple hired him as an intern. Jailbreakers can download the package from GitHub to try it out on iOS 8, but Comex warns that it has not been tested and is nowhere near stable.


At Apple, apparently, offer letters are taken rather seriously, and Allegra soon learned that his had been rescinded. There are numerous developers and hackers in the Jailbreaking Community; so many that we thought it would be a good idea write short biographies for each individual.

It clmex great to see that Jailbreaking in general is starting to get more and more media attention. He has been jailbreaking his iPhone since With the release of the iOS 5 firmware generation, however, TinyUmbrella has been challenged jaipbreak iFaith.

Jailbreak Developers And iOS Hackers

Gian is the resident jailbreak expert at Yalu Jailbreak. Today in Apple history: Shawnda-lee a very worried mom. Hopefully if more people understand what Jailbreaking really is, it can help break some of the negative stigmas that a lot of people seem to associate Jailbreaking with. At this time it is not known why P0sixninja has left Chronic Dev-Team.