Chushingura, the Treasury of Loyal Retainers: A Puppet Play Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character. Chūshingura (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers) has ratings and 24 reviews. Steve said: Kanadehon Chūshingura is a play written for the Bunraku theater. Chūshingura: (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers) by Takeda, Izumo et. al.; 10 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Forty-seven Rōnin.

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Donald Keene here presents a complete treasuty of the original text, with notes and an introduction that increase the reader’s comprehension and enjoyment of the play.

Chūshingura (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers): A Puppet Play by Izumo Takeda

I loved this play. Act X is only rarely performed but provides a realistic interim performed in the sewamono style between Yuranosuke setting out at the end of Act IX and the final vendetta.

The Hollywood film 47 Ronin by Universal is a fantasy epic, with Keanu Reeves as an Anglo-Japanese who joins the samurai in their quest for vengeance against Lord Kira, who is aided by a fictitious shape-shifting witch. As the play begins, four lords gather to celebrate the opening of a new temple and to discuss an addition to the treasury.

Dec 14, Tom rated it really liked it. Consistently negative film reviews of this teh rendition considered it to have almost nothing in common with the original play.

It was heavily edited, as the play is very long and would be over 10 hours if the entire thing were performed. Honzo’s wife and daughter, Tonase and Konami, travel to Yuranosuke’s residence to discover what is to become of Konami’s engagement to Yuranosuke’s son Rikiya.


View the Study Pack. They then turned themselves in to the authorities, and were sentenced to commit seppukuwhich they all did on the same day that year. It is very strange and just seems really foreign without a lot of context. Being able to draw Confucianist values from this story is no coincidence, it is said that Asano was a Confucian.

Chūshingura (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers): A Puppet Play

Fun to read, and I found it quite hilarious as well because everyone is wayyyyy over dramatic and jumping at the chance to kill themselves over petty things. A lengthier broadcast may be found here: Since the original play was written there have been numerous adaptations in film, novels, and television productions.

Copyrights Chushingura, the Treasury of Loyal Retainers: Emotions are also expressed through the colours of the costumes, a key element in kabuki. The samurai then prepare to fight to the death before Lord Hangan’s shrine as Moronao’s brother arrives with reinforcements.

Interpretations of the passage treassury the Book identified those who would sacrifice themselves in the name of duty should live on idealized. Early Confucianism emphasized loyalty, the moral way and objection and legitimate execution of wrongdoers. It is a must.

A Puppet Play from Amazon. Yuranosuke, to keep Chkshingura off guard, pretends to have sunken into dishonor and debauchery. The title means ” Kana practice book Treasury of the loyal retainers”. He will gladly sacrifice himself for his daughter’s sake. Jul 24, Danny rated it really liked it. Dhushingura not only that, at the same time it’s full with love, fights, betrayal, braveness and sacrifice – a compelling story to read even nowadays.


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Characters were at times referred to in different ways so just keeping treasufy of everything was a little difficult. There are also moments of comedic relief, and consider this: Their ultimate sacrifice for their master is something that is held in high regard in Confucianism because they are fulfilling their responsibility to the fullest extent.

I do not want to give too much of the plot away, since the play is very short and proves to be a very quick read. Younger actors play Asano, and the role of Aguri, wife and later widow of Asano, is reserved for the most beautiful actresses.

Traditional stories Edo period Japanese folklore Revenge in fiction. The story is relatively straightforward – a crime and affront to the honor of the master of the ronin is committed, and each plots revenge. The action takes place at the premises of Amakawaya Gihei, a merchant who lives in the port of Sakai, near Osaka.

Nevertheless, a fantastic example of 18th century tragic drama, and a cornerstone of popular Japanese theatre. Confucian classics and the Bakufu law may have seemed to compliment each other to allow revenge.

The play became very popular and was depicted in many ukiyo-e prints.