Charles Bronson claims to complete up to dips a day Photo: Charles In he published ‘Solitary Fitness’, telling of his superhuman. He’s a famous criminal in the UK that goes by Charles Bronson. . Do you really think Solitary Fitness with his nose flossing and cock-pushups. Wondering about this book: Bronson/dp/ Or does anyone know any others like it?.

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I loved it, I bought this book after watching Nicolas Winding Refn’s film and it blew my mind. He would most likely have done a lot better with access to a proper gym. This guy is a nut. The exercises were interesting and I’ll try some but was really put off when he suddenly uses a ‘powerlifter’ friend to teach us about diet and tell us what supplements to buy.

I need help with the Solitary Fitness routine – Forums

Log in or sign up in seconds. Charles has managed to build a large, strong physique even whilst doing long stints in prison with limited access to both equipment and space.

The whole purpose and goal of a “Lab rat” is bronsom search for the truth, to find things that might be hiding or confusing the truth,and isolating what is definitely true. Bronson constantly drives the message of not needing fancy gyms and protein shakes, which is good, but then carries it over into some kind of pissing contest bragging about his achievements, its just the way he writes about it.


If he can do it, so can you. From his cell at Wakefield Prison, Charlie has complied this perfect guide to show you the best way to burn those calories, tone your abs and build your stamina giving you the know-how you need to be at the peak of mental and physical form. A genuine thirst to learn about solitaru stuff.

Be respectful, civil, and charitable. Anything bbronson that and you age yourself wear-out, stress, injury. Instructions are clear and easy to follow.

I don’t have a problem with pushups, pull ups or calisthenics, but just solitay you’re doing some combination of established exercises doesn’t mean you’re following current best practice.

I mean what he is doing obviously works. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and refers solitaty using short bursts of intense exercise that push you to near your limit coupled with short rest periods to really challenge every aspect of your fitness. Nov 13, Venkat rated it really liked it. He is clearly a bit of a nutter, but comes across as quite nice guy. After watching the movie, i wanted to read this book. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

He calls for fans to not “waste money on gym fees, protein drinks or muggy steroids,” instead recommending people improvise with the environment around them. All this whilst losing fat, too.


Good read and would recommend to anyone interested in health and fitness. I had never heard about him before and for some reason I started to read more and found out he had written a few books.

He doesn’t mess around, he tells it like it is. Jun 24, Tom rated it it was amazing. Apr 20, Mark Tuura rated it chxrlie it.

charliw Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. But if you can look past this, I assure you, you will find a workout like no other.

Solitary Fitness

Men need to open up about depression, not man up. They feel something that just have been copied and pasted on.

He would also frequently try and succeed to bend the bars of his cell. Honestly the illustrations are also probably the only good thing in the book. Save your money instead.

Charlie shamelessly insults overweight persons, claiming they should b Do not get this book if: