NEW ENGLAND CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC “TOP SPEED AND IN ALL KEYS” : CHARLIE BANACOS’S PEDAGOGY OF JAZZ. Book Box, a subscription that delivers hand-picked children’s books every 1, 2, that time he also studied privately with Jerry Bergonzi and Charlie Banacos. Charlie Banacos was a music guru. He taught on the North Shore for almost 50 years until , reaching perhaps thousands of musicians all.

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I am cnarlie monk. He told several students including me that every student should recognize them aurally and practice them as arpeggios, piano or guitar voicings, or other formations, and most important, practice them in all keys.

Chaflie had it, he had it. I mean, being able to play with such a great pianist at that level every week was so important.

Charlie Banacos: The Zen Master of Jazz Improvisation

He teaches bebop in the most methodical, inspiring way and he really works the students hard. After I played one chorus, he stopped me and he had a way of knowing what I was thinking, what I was aiming at, and what I needed to 70 Garry Dial, interview by author, phone, 1 Augustand email, 26 February He also served as a clinician for the Thelonious Monk Institute and as adjunct faculty member for the following institutions:.

Aharon, whose level was already advanced when he started his lessons with Banacos, had charlei go as far as four octaves with hands one octave apart, for the purpose of exploring the entire piano range. Banacos used a metaphor to describe for bassist Ervin Dhimo the goal in this exercise.


Charlie Banacos: The Zen Master of Jazz Improvisation

Interview by author, Waltham, MA, 9 March In live jazz sessions or performances, they started responding quickly and interacting with their band-mates by relying more on attentive and deep listening.

I can hear chord qualities better.

All the notes need to be played in time and with precision, and it is of highest importance to arrive at the target notes. Interview by author, email, 19 June This exercise contains twelve different long flowing, 32nd —note lines to be superimposed over various chords composed as a summary of all approach tones.

He went to the same college, Lowell State Teachers College at the time. I appreciated his devotion to precision, his love for craft. As Massimo Sammi recalls, Charlie Banacos would recommend him to: He deserved every penny.

For example, the 2nd expansion requires multiplying each number by 2, the 3rd expansion by 3, the 4th by 4, and so forth. Voices in jazz guitar: He helped me to be able to tell a story, to get deeper into the keys.

Improvisation Exercises Banacos’s improvisation exercises served a variety of purposes all designed to expand jazz improvisational skills. There are several chaglie patterns starting at one measure in length and growing up to four measures. Personal interview questions posed to 35 students are listed in the Appendix E.


Charlie Banacos – Google Books

After one masters this first exercise, there is a series of substituted chords that cover all the intervals. Your email address will not be published. I remember his studio was covered up with heavy curtains, so there was no sunlight coming in. Kordis 25 each time.

Charlie never played out after a certain point in life, so the only people that could hear him were his students. Charllie, make several recordings playing long series of cadences and notes, saying the answers a few seconds after each example. He gave me a detailed explanation of the new direction we were going to take.

Charlie Banacos

I got more facility and chops and my brain got faster and sharper. Given his overall experience, talent, and versatility, he could have had a successful international performing career, but decided instead to withdraw from public performing appearances in his mid twenties in order to devote himself exclusively charliw teaching and family, although he continued performing every day with every single student in his studio.

Banacos suggested dividing the distance from the point of contact to the string to the time it presses completely down on the charlue into twelve equal segments.