THE CANTONMENTS ACT, (ACT NO. II OF ). [16th February, ]. 2. An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the administration of. Act 53 of Although, armed force of the Union are stationed in cantonments within Part B States, the Cantonments Act, amdthe Camtonments (House. (1) This Act may be called the Cantonments Act, . (xiii) “Executive Officer” means the person appointed under this act to be the Executive Officer of a.

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Control of traffic for hygienic purposes. ExiMingsection acct being renumbered as sub-section 1 thereof. Public latrines, urinals and conservancy establishments. The Board shall prepare a new assessment list at least once in every three years, and for this purpose the provisions of sections 66 to 71 shall apply in like manner as they apply for the purpose of cantonmnts preparation of an assessment list for the first time.

Obligation to disclose liability. Power to delegate functions of Executive Officer. Water, drainage and other connections. Notice to be given of the circumstances in which remission or refund is claimed. Shall be deemed to interfere with the free exercise of the electoral right of such candidate or elector within the meaning of this clause.

Nominated by name by the Officer Commanding the station by order 11924 writing. It this list of exceptions, notices issued undersection andsection are proposed to be added,- Gaz.

Cantonment Board and Executive Officer.

Provided that, if, having regard to the nature of the disease or the condition of the person acntonments therefrom, or the general environment and circumstances of such person, the Health Officer or medical officer, as the case may be, considers that the attendance of such person at a hospital or dispensary is likely to prove unnecessary or inexpedient, he shall examine such person 1294 such person’s own residence.

Payment and recovery of taxes.

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ILLEGAL ERECTION OR RE ERECTION – Whoever begins, continues or completes the erection or re-erection of a building- a without having given a valid notice as required bysections and, or before the building has been sanctioned or is deemed to have been sanctioned, or b without complying with any direction made under sub-section 1 ofsectionor c when sanction has been refused, or has cantonmente to be available,a[or has been suspended by the Officer Commanding-in-Chief, the Command, underclause b of sub-section 1 ofsection 52,] shall be punishable with 1942 which may extend to [five thousand rupees].

The other changes are verbal. Issued in lieu of cheque No.

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Power to prescribe ferrules and to establish meters, etc. It is, therefore, necessary to extend both the Acts to Part B States. Provided that- a no such directions shall be issued without giving the Board and the inhabitants. Cancellation and suspension of licences. Application of ach and property transferred under sections 6 and 7. In the case of progressive salaries, the rates of pay which will be due on the 1st September of the year to which the budget relates shall be adopted.

Books of account and registers shall be strongly bound and paged before being brought into use, and, unless otherwise specifically stated, accounts shall not be prepared in loose sheets or in loosely bound volumes.

The other amendments are of consequential nature. Power to order person to attend hospital or dispensary. Duties of Executive Officer. Examination of milk or washed clothes. Special measures in case of outbreak of infectious or epidemic diseases. This cantonmeents is proposed to be removed bv suitable amendingsection ofthe Act –Gaz. It is also proposed to omit the division of inhabitants of the cantonments into classes as no such classes of inhabitants exist.

Obligation to disclose liability. Notice of erection of buildings. Incorporation of Cantonment Board. When the matter has been fully inquired into by the Committee of Inquiry, a report shall be submitted to the Accountant-General and the Central Qct showing the total sum of money lost, the circumstances in which the loss took place and the steps taken or recommended to recover the money and to punish the offenders, if any.

Provided that, in the case of well, such person as aforesaid may, instead of complying with the notice, signify in writing his desire to be relieved of all responsibility for the proper maintenance of the well and his readiness to place it under the control and supervision of the Board for the use of the public, and, if he does so, he shall not be bound to carry out the requisition, and the Board shall undertake the control and supervision of the well.

Public markets and slaughter-houses. The order of aa[District Cantonmentx confirming, cantonmments aside or modifying an order in respect of any valuation or assessment or liability to assessment or taxation shall cahtonments final: Temporary occupation of street, land, etc. Provided that no article distrained may be sold except under the orders of the Board. A Board may make bye-laws prescribing- a the manner in which notice of the intention to erect or re-erect a building in the cantonment shall be given to the Board and the information and plans to be furnished with the notice; b the type or description of buildings which may or may not, and the purpose for which a building may or may not, be erected or re-erected in the cantonment or any part thereof; c the minimum cubic capacity of any room or rooms in a building which is to be erected or re-erected; d the fees payable on provision by the Canton,ents of plans or specifications of acy type of buildings cangonments may be erected in the cantonment or any part thereof; e the circumstances in which a mosque, temple or church or other sacred building may be erected or re-erected; and f with reference to the erection or re-erection of buildings, or of any class of building, all or any of the following matters, namely: It is also proposed to confer on the Board or the civil area committee the power to.


Provided that, in fixing the amount, proper regard shall be had to the probable cost to thea[Board] of the services to be rendered. Prevention of Infectious, or Contagious Diseases. Every sanction for the erection or re-erection of a building given or deemed to camtonments been given by the Board as hereinbefore provided shall be available for one year from the date on which it is given, and, canotnments the building so sanctioned is not begun by the person who has obtained the sanction or some one lawfully claiming under him within that period, it shall not thereafter be begun unless the Board on application made therefor has allowed an extension of that period.

Disinfection of building or articles therein. Provided that not more than such extensions shall be allowed by the Board in any case. Provided that thea[Board] may, by public notice, direct that the provisions of this section shall apply to cured or preserved meat of any specified description or brought from any specified place.

Indian Numbered Acts

President and Vice-Presi dent. Art 15 ofClause There shall be formed for every cantonment a cantonment fund, and there shall be placed to the credit thereof the following sums, namely: Chronological Order Index Act No. The Act, for the first time, allowed representation of the civil population in the administration of the cantonments.

This register shall be used primarily for postage stamps, but also for receipt or other stamps, separate pages being allotted for each description, and columns 5 and 6 being modified as required.

Private markets and slaughter-houses. Thirty days from ser- rderly person to remove vice of notice. Immaterial error not to affect liability.