In this exuberant book, the best-selling author Natalie Angier distills the scientific canon to the absolute essentials, delivering an entertaining and inspiring. Though Angier is a regular contributor to the Science Times section of this “The Canon” presents the fundamentals of science: numbers and. ONE to watch: out in paperback in early January is science writer Natalie Angier’s The Canon. It is an ambitious sweep through the basics of.

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The goal was to get within an order of magnitude of the actual right answer. She has obviously limited herself to a strictly American audience by including so many cultural markers, but even as an American myself, her references spanned so many topics and generations that I lost more than a few myself.

Therefore, I’m canoj to patronizingly write the rest of this review in Angier’s style to drive the point home.

It’s only possible to read it without annoyance in angiet, very small pieces. The second law is the reason why either you or a hired professional must expend considerable effort to clean you house, but if you leave the place alone for two weeks while on vacation, it will get dirty for free.

Views from Crestmont Drive. And ten out of ten of those literary devices nayalie gunked up with painfully clunky alliteration, some of which doesn’t even make sense. You don’t have to be a Ph.

The Canon (Natalie Angier book) – Wikipedia

Still, The Canon makes a valiant attempt. Natalie Angier is a science writer; that is, a writer who is a knowledgeable observer of science and who is able to get scientists to explain things in terms the rest of us might understand. PBS broadcasts of Suze Orman? The problem became there were so many bugs littering the surface, it was impossible to find the gems underneath. If the author had pulled out 99 percent of the jokes and puns and filled in that space with genuine prose, rich imagery, and flowery anecdotes, the book would have benefited greatly from it.


But elements generate a virtually infinite number of molecules, which depend on bonds: The Canon presents a summary of some of the different areas of science, as well as extensive descriptions of, and interviews with, contemporary scientists who work in these fields.

She likens chemical bonds to James Bond, referencing several nstalie who played the character out of context from the original comparison, which then drags the metaphor in fits and starts along for five or six pages.

She then takes every attempt to disparage the use of mathematics in science – which seems to contradict her higher purpose. The prose is also littered with popular cultural references to try and draw parallels between the cool things everyone knows and the cool things Natalie Angier wants us to know about science. The best example of this comes right at the end when the author talks about the Drake equation. What great works define our understanding of the world?

May 31, Kate rated it did not like it.

The more I learn about the history of science, the more I realize why it has such a precarious, semi-mystical reputation with so much of the general public by now; because when the modern “scientific process” was first formed in the s, the first few generations of “scientists” were starting almost from scratch, meaning that the average member of the public could go out and replicate the experiments these people were doing, and understand for themselves what science is and why it’s so important.


It would have been more enjoyable that way. Wolfe David Brin ; blog Robert J. She didn’t deliver on this promise. But, really, this is not my biggest quibble with the book.

Smart, fun, friendly book about the sciences, with a separate chapter for each: Seems a shame because now I find that stuff very interesting. Science, I repeat, is beautiful. No trivia or quizzes yet. Hardcoverpages. At first I found the chattiness to be slightly off-putting, but when I got to the chapters on material that I didn’t know much about molecular bio The Canon is exactly what its subtitle says: Topics Science and nature books The Observer.

Seuss counsels his readers to sing with a Ying or play Ring the Gack: I was eagerly awaiting the exploration of the scientific canon in its literary sense; what great works form the foundations of a modern scientific education? The description struck me as overly fanciful, and if she had stopped there i would have given a nod to the poetry and continued to read.

The biggest reason for this seemed to be to avoid scaring any unwary readers with “math” or “hard” science.

Natalie Angier, The Canon | Views from Crestmont Drive

This book just annoyed me. But I can’t imagine any layperson ever actually reading it.

The result was a bastard child caught somewhere between the two that had an annoying sing-song quali I gave up on this one after about pages. While not glossing over them, she certainly didn’t give any depth. Nov 11, EAL rated it it was amazing Shelves: