Djibouti’s Camp Lemonnier, attached to the country’s main Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport, is the only official U.S. base in Africa and. NAVY RECRUITING MANUAL website is currently down, but I found a guide for you hosted on another site Camp Lemonnier Survival Guide. comfortable with, who can help guide you through .. from surface survival training . members of the Djiboutian military at Camp Lemonnier.

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Anyone have a recent NG deployment to Djibouti? How was it?

By Joseph Trevithick March 1, Your experience here lemonjier depend on what mission set you end up with. A Senegalese soldier checks for booby traps outside of a room they will clear during training near Thies, Senegal, as part of exercise Flintlock I was there in ‘ The Pentagon repeated the process to move French and African forces into Mali beginning in January and more African troops into Central African Republic less than 12 months later.

Sign Up with Google. The marked locations are approximations and not definite, specific positions of American forces.

Opportunity popped up, curious what it’s like. When I was there, a Lockheed company ran the galley. New satellite images show that the UAE is operating a small air force out of a remote base in eastern Libya.


A Guide To The Pentagon’s Shadowy Network Of Bases In Africa – The Drive

Anyone have a recent NG deployment to Djibouti? That guide is from so the info in it is probably from I know someone that is currently deployed there now. Along with the name change, the unit appeared to have moved from its previous location in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Run by the Navy, so expect some new terms like Quarterdeck and liberty chit. I’m guessing you’re part of the unit relieving us. Be as creative as possible! SSG Join to see – Do you know when you might be deploying?

While the airfield could conceivably handle Predators or Reapers, there was no indication of American unmanned aircraft on location at the time. Submit a new text post.

A Guide To The Pentagon’s Shadowy Network Of Bases In Africa

All posts containing pre-enlistment and pre-commissioning questions will be deleted. Curious about quality of life at Camp Lemonnier? You are commenting using your WordPress. Log In with Google. By and large, there are better subreddits for political discussion and we encourage you to find one of them for your political discussions.

No calls for witch-hunts or “vigilante justice,” keep the pitchforks in storage. In addition, there is the 75th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron, with its CJ transports, to ferry cargo and troops to training exercises and other missions.


It’s not much of a war zone.

It is impossible to talk about foreign military involvement in Africa without taking colonialism into account. Nothing left to say that hasn’t been said. Are you sick of every day being the same as the last? Unidentified elements now fly the MQ-9 Reaper exclusively from the site, while the th Expeditionary Air Base Squadron handles the administrative side of things.

But like I said. Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti is itself a hub for all sorts of missions, including working with allied forces, coordinating support to peacekeepers in Somalia lemonnieer elsewhere in Africa, being on call during humanitarian emergencies and natural disasters, and conducting various civil affairs missions like pop-up medical clinics and non-military construction projects.

Haylee Ramsey – Very soon. I will tell you that it is what you make of it.

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