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This lacked both depth and mystery to me. Sadly, the book was slow and boring. If you picked up this book, perhaps you are craving a little Scandinavian crime fiction, thanks to the Milennium Series. Our main character estimates the weight watcher points for everything she eats which I believe was to let us know that she camklla working to be thin so we ka all admire her for this. I do not recommend this to anyone who likes reading stories that actually make sense. See all 7 questions about La princesa de hielo….

It’s very hard to imagine a book that’s worse than this one.


In addition, I figured out who the killer was before I got halfway through, even orincesa knowing most clues for a long time. Plus a lot of careful, interesting and varying descriptions of the coffee people brewed.

The beautiful woman who is withdrawn from everyone and cannot love anyone and does not share anything, the talented artist who has to drown his painful experiences in drink and the successful businessman that has become a psychopath himself.


I princesaa that there was an almost normal love story going on in the book. And this is from a female writer, which further shows that it’s not just princeesa who can’t write a decent female character. No real reflection on what has happened to these people, but then what did I expect, after all, there is no character development in this book whatsoever, so surely reflection is just too much to ask.


I can’t finish this. The police officer seemed way too focused on his looks to spot anything in the cailla, same with the main female protagonist.

The detective is credited as being very clever for finding the impression of a note that’s been torn off a pad yeah, good going, Sherlock. Vamilla aspecto que me hizo enojar -y por lo que leo en otros reviews, otros lectores tampoco lo soportaron- fue que Camilla utiliza mucho el recurso de: No one truly thinks murder at first because it looks like an over-obvious suicide, but eventually things show that it is, in fact, a murder. Patrik, a policeman investigating Alexandra’s case, walks without Mellberg’s consent into the crime scene with Erica, and she shows him the key.

That is insulting to the reader and I have no idea why this book was an international bestseller. Want to Read saving….

The characters often find important clues that we aren’t allowed to see for example, finding a piece of paper with something important written on it, which we’re told, but we don’t know what it says. Else I would have chosen Danielle Steel!


Just deal with it. I feel so lackluster about this book that it’s not even worth pribcesa a review. Ok, maybe no cape, but you get the idea.

La princesa de hielo (Patrik Hedström, #1) by Camilla Läckberg (1 star ratings)

That would be fun to relive. Plus, they have sex 5 times in one night just like in a boddice-ripping romance novel. After pages I skimmed the rest of the book to just get the mystery solved. I kept mentally correcting the sentences I read, trying to make them more exciting than they presently were there was a lot to work with.

Within the first pages she trashes just about every woman in the book. To view it, click here. Only One Secret Passage.

I did princesz to see some vengeance executed on the brother-in-law but I figured he was only going to get more noxious and he would get worse before better.

What a piece of shit. She hasn’ Really lackluster mystery offering.