Apr 27, Reviews. Lackberg, Camilla – ‘The Gallows Bird’ (translated by Steven T Murray) Hardback: pages (Mar. ) Publisher: HarperCollins. In the new thriller by Camilla Läckberg, a string of suspicious deaths points to a potential serial killer who has turned his eye toward Fjallbacka and her dark. The Gallows Bird Download Audio Unabridged edition by 1 international bestseller, Camilla Lackberg’s fourth psychological thriller – for fans of Stieg Larsson.

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Like the mix of police procedural with a happy domestic life!

The Gallows Bird (Patrik Hedström, #4) by Camilla Läckberg (1 star ratings)

Thrillerreeks – Patrik Hedstrom 4 42 31 Feb 01, The Gallows Bird wraps the mysteries, the investigations, and the home lives together beautifully, and I was eager to follow all the storylines. In addition, the situation of Hedstrom’s sister-in-law didn’t seem to be handled in a realistic manner. However, a course in creative crime writing became the trigger to a drastic change of career.

Perhaps I’m just too old to be interested in teenagers getting drunk and making fools of themselves? As it stands, I put this book down shortly after beginning and vowed to read no more of this author. Patrik of course is on the case, but can he and his team including new recruit Hanna link up the reasons for these depths.

After the great books Lackberg had written previously this book really fell flat.

Hands down the weakest of the series so far. Return to Book Page. Vird for our sins, for our failures, for our shortcomings and mistakes. Are they all translated by the same person? Thrillerreeks – Patrik Hedstrom 4. The focus of each novel, however, is a crime or crimes that is independent of the other books.

Especially book 2 …more I had to create kind of a phonetic list of characters and how they vallows related on my laptop so when I start a new book it helps. You are commenting using your WordPress. Sigh, this one really bored me.


Within a a few chapters, I knew who the characters were, what was burd with their relationship, and what had happened to them. Another of my pet-hates features in the book; passages in italics interspersed with the main story purporting to come from the “mind of the killer”. Despite this being a series, you can read them in any order. Nov 18, Kayleigh rated it did not like it.

Having the wedding of Patrik and Erica going on in the background was also a yallows light touch to the dramatic murders. I will exercise caution before I read another book by her. The story ends on a teasing note, which segues rather nicely into the next book.

The Gallows Bird (Patrik Hedstrom, book 4) by Camilla Läckberg

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here She also varies her mysteries very nicely. Just could not get into this book. In addition, the situation of Hedstrom’s sister-in-law didn’t seem to be I have read three of Lackberg’s prior Hedstrom books and enjoyed them.

The book itself was padded with so much “filler” and “fluff” that it was possible to skip thru the entire book quickly and not miss anything. There was high drama, and another cliffhanger at the end, so reading the next book in the series is a high priority. Thanks, a great review and a very good analysis of the appeal of this author.

Follow me on Twitter My Tweets. Detective Patrik Hedstrom finds himself increasingly unable to focus on the strange circumstances of the first case, but what if that holds the key to a series of other unsolved cases across Sweden?

The Gallows Bird by Camilla Läckberg

It contains winners and popular contestants from a range of programmes from Big Brother to Jersey Shore type shows. I really love your review of this book, I too like this series and am not sure why as it seems a bit simply written for my usual taste. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Cancel reply Enter your comment here As usual, I felt that Patrik and colleagues were occasionally a bit slow off the mark to make rather obvious connections or to pick up on clues, and some aspects of the plot depended on people not looking up relevant information in archives or being on holiday so not replying to requests for information.


And she continues to withold information from the reader in a really dumb and clunky attempt at suspense. Someone used the word “tedious”, and I agree completely.

And it was lovely to follow Patrik home, and to watch as he and his fiance Erika supported her sister in the aftermath of the events at the end of the previous book in the series, care for their infant daughter and, in between times, plan their wedding.

Added by 8 of our members. Then the author inserts this parallel plot about a group of young reality stars which not only is pointless but takes away anything that could be laclberg fomr the 1st plot.

Is this a continuous series.?? The Stranger Fjallbacka Author s: Post was not sent – check your email addresses! If you’ve read the prior books, you know Anna suffered a horrible event recently. Nevertheless, both investigations are solidly and engagingly depicted; particularly noteworthy is the sensitivity of Patrik and most of his colleagues to vulnerable witnesses, some of whom are portrayed vividly for example Sophie, the daughter of the car crash victim.

I ggallows out who the murderer was less than a quarter of the way in; 2. I enjoyed reading your review of this.

I may try again later but not likely. Far too much of this novel was devoted to a narrative about the contestants in some kind of a reality tv show. Jane — Thanks so much for this excellent review! Completely lacking everything I love about Scandinavian crime fiction.

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