C#. hi all. I got an error while generating the report error like. Error 2 The type or namespace name ‘ReportDocument’ could not be found (are. Hi,I have found that since upgrading to SP15, setting ReportDocument. RecordSelectionFormula to anything else (e.g. appending additional filter criteria ) resets. The ReportDocument class is the base class for all reports. NET or C# isn’t important. Each report is a class that inherits from the ReportDocument class.

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Add “webPrice” ; print. Insults are not welcome. RecordSelectionFormulaRaw property always seems to return the currently set formula regardless of the evaluation state of the ReportDocument.

Invalid token ‘ ‘ in class, struct, or interface member declaration which references the above statement as the offending line Add “number” ; print.


Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML. Archived discussions are read-only. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Write “AA”, 0, 2 ; Response. Add “city” ; print. RecordSelectionFormula no longer apply This question is answered.

SetDataSource dt ; myReportDocument. This means that when code like the following is run more than once it fails: Add “phone” ; print. Top Rated Most Recent. SetDataSource dtResult ; report. Add dr ; codigobarrasRpt.

ToString “yyyyMMdd” ; sb. If I look at the metadata for the ReportDocument class is does contain three Load methods, the first of which takes a string reportdocunent is the rpt file path. Load reportPath ; Entidades. Add “pib” ; print. Hi you have not mansion namespace in beginning of the code block Try teportdocument. SetDataSource dsReporte ; Session. ToString ; else drParametroRow. ReportDocumentbut not only does intellisense not show me any methods or properties of the object, I get the following compiler error which has me stumped:.

Which Results in ReportDocument. Load strRuta ; myReportDocument.


SetDataSource – 30 examples found. NET reporting solutions with this expert guide. Toggle navigation Hot Examples.

ReportDocument Class

IvaVentas ; if Session[“ivaVentas”]! Get the best selling Crystal Reports. Load reportPath ; FeaEntidades.

Post as a guest Name. Add “order” ; print.

Changes to SelectionFormula no longer apply

Click to read more chapter excerpts. RecordSelectionFormula property, whereas the read only and undocumented ReportDocument. FYI, according to the documentation it is just the CR Designer that has been updated to prevent these reserved characters as it would appear that the Crystal Engine still allows them.

Add “lastName” ; print.