B&W’s flagship CM9 is the pick of an impressive new range. Back to the days when Bowers and Wilkins simply called itself B&W, the but now there are four stereo pairs, of which this £1, per pair CM9 is the largest. B&W CM9 Speakers (Pair) from Superfi. Good looking and great Bowers and Wilkins’ CM9 speakers are stylish high performance free standing speakers.

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Being in Berlin next visit, I have not missed the various music stores and hifi. Music I began my evaluation, as I usually do, with two-channel music and just the CM9s driven full range. For Outstanding scale excellent integration brilliant detail retrieval and refinement looks, build and finish.

Bose Soundbar Black Brand New! An average untreated room will drop 20dB after ms, for high frequencies. Please pay attention to the last photo.

This is palpably a very accurate loudspeaker with a full, but well contained bass and b&d treble quality that has come some way from the occasionally thin, edgy quality of some earlier generations of metal dome tweeters.

Random Dude’s B&W CM9 / Emotiva Rig

Write a user review Ask for a user review. The two big hp’s grave and the midrange HP announced its yellow livery difference. The next best approach employs a vertically oriented midrange and tweeter that are flanked by one or more woofers. The result is a loudspeaker that is obviously smooth and in control, but is also capable of delivering real surprises when the occasion demands, one of which was playing a CD of wind music, a new Naxos title called Passaggiwhich is scheduled for review in choice cuts next month.


The designers have opted for a narrow enclosure, achieved by using two small diameter bass units in parallel instead of a single larger one. Jamo S Speaker System Review. In fact, the best term would be that it “is forgotten. The main test amplifier was a Krell fBi, which can deliver watts per channel without breaking a sweat, which is more than sufficient horsepower for any reasonable use.

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B&W CM9 WG Floor Standing Speakers | eBay

The second test piece, Hotel California live, I saw very good results on the drums and the singer’s voice, however, probably due to the Naim, perfectly at ease b&e these records.

Small and cheap speakers transform into retarded and good Trending Price New. Dropping 5db per decade 10 octaves is a little bit much, especially for someone who listens to a pretty flat response.

Here We Go Again.

The Countdown Will Be Televised. The “off” amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller’s price on eBay.

Recommended System Finder – Just in time for the Holidays! But it is clear that it is doing totally fine.

This reviewer is not very enthusiastic about the silvery rings around the drivers, or the fact that the larger units have different colour cones for the midrange and bass they use different materialsbut the speakers are supplied with ultra-slim grills that attach magnetically to the front and effectively cover the working parts, c,9 significantly detracting from the sound.

Our members also liked: The foam ring is said to match the mechanical impedance of the cone better than a conventional surround.


The amp seemed under powered for the task, but B&d think it had more to do with the maximum output you can get from the CM9’s.

Measurements This listening position response is cj9 real indicative of anything other than a falling response that looks suspiciously like the Harman recommended room response but on steroids. This smaller midrange facilitates a domestically acceptable center speaker designed the way I like it—as a true three-way design. Here is to hoping that shag carpet comes back in style and things will start to sound right in this room.

For Tall, elegant, expressive midband and expansive Well-controlled bass Power handling is good Sensitivity is high enough for almost any respectable amplifier.

Bowers & Wilkins CM9 – £1, – Loudspeakers

This is a first-rate cm, easier and more relaxing than some previous Bowers and Wilkins, with a more expansive sound and a better-integrated treble. Still, I was less than satisfied in a couple of respects. You also get carpetpiercing spikes and hard, round-section feet as an alternative, with enough adjustment available in each case to take care of uneven flooring.

Cm I don’t want to say this was a wasted trip, Random Dude was a really cool guy and the gear looked pretty fancy, but this was a wasted trip. On music, I only felt the need for a subwoofer on the most difficult material that features an organ or synthesizer.