Lug. NOTE: KITZ lug style butterfly valves are rated for bi-directional dead end service to full working pressure of the valve with the downstream flange removed. KITZ: Butterfly Valve: Stainless: Model 10XJME / 10XJMEA / PN16XJME. Butterfly Valves – 10XJME / 10XJMEA / PN16XJME. Butterfly Valves – 10XJME. Butterfly Valves of Kitz, Check out the variety of configurable, Butterfly Valves of Kitz for industrial has other mechanical components, Press .

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While we are not able to respond directly to comments submitted in this form, the information will be reviewed for future improvement. A butterfly valve made from ductile iron.

Sensing Liquid Level of Tanks. Emission-free Stem Sealing Mechanism Prevention of external fluid leakage is maximized with a rubber O-ring assembled around the top stem and tight contact between spherically designed rubber seat and spherically designed top and bottom end of the disc.

Butterfly Valves of Kitz | MISUMI USA

Reasonable Price Sanitary stainless steel carbon steel manual flanged kitz butterfly valve. There are 90 price butterfly valve kitz suppliers, mainly located in Asia. Cast Iron Butterfly Valve. Along stainless steel neck blocks transfer of the fluid heat to a valve operating device, which thus needs no insulation. Lined with nylon 11, which is highly corrosion-resistant, the main body of the valve has a long service life.

All these vallve minimize frictional wear of seat rings and reduce the valve operating buttrrfly considerably. Fourthly We arrange the production.

Call Send a quick message. There is a room between the gland and the lever or gear to allow retightening of gland boltings without trouble of disassembly of the lever or gear during plant operation. The valve body and the rubber seat are integrated. Empowering Engineers with Configurable Components.


Low Valve Operating Torque Low operating torques are designed low for extension of valve service life and economic kitzz in selection of valve operating devices. The EPDM sheet cannot be vslve for oils. The stem bearing of the EJ series is a multilayered backmetal to provide a high performance bearing surface capable of withstanding high pressure and temperature.

Year of Establishment Rubber seats are spherically designed where they contact top and bottom stems.

Butterfly Valve – KITZ

Light-designed for Operation Efficiency Designed much lighter than our conventional series for operation efficiency in piping. KITZ’s vapve cross-sectionally S-shaped valve discs with spherical surface evenly make tight contact with rubber liners for excellent sealing performance with reduced operating torque. Handle or worm price butterfly valve kitz cast iron electric actuator butterfly valve.

Kiz For Free Shipping. The actuator mounting pads of all necks are designed in conformity with ISO requirements for direct on-site mounting of actuators which are provided with ISO valve mounting flanges.

Within the stainless upper body bearing is a multi-layered bearing embedded to provide smooth stem operation.

This protects widely designed rubber seats from peeling or deformation for prolonged service vqlve of valves. Application example related to this category Try to Find Other Examples. Non-peeling Seat-to-body Construction Molded-in bonded seat structure is employed for size 2″ to 12″. Dew condenstation prevention Dew condenstation prevention type is optionally available with heat. Long neck type short neck type and neckless type are available for versatile applications.

Get Best Price Request a quote. butherfly

AMBIT KITZ Butterfly Valves

Oil-free specification is also available. The valves stem is designed eccentric to both the center of the seat ring by X and the center of the valve body by Ywhich makes the clearance C kifz the seat ring and the disc seat surface on its fully open position Fig.


bjtterfly Legal Status of Firm Proprietorship Firm. A pair of stem bearing assembled around the top and bottom stems prevents stem galling, and stabilizes valve operating torque for smooth and trouble-free disc valfe.

Single flange butterfly valve price butterfly valve kitz sanitary butterfly valve. Valves need to be dismantled from pipelines for neck replacement. Best price HJ factory wafer type harga kitz pvc butterfly valve.

Gate Valve is not necessary to open frequently ,and it maintain the valve on position of wide open or closed. Dew condensation is minimized also in case of cold water service. We can provide OEM service and also have butteerfly ability to design products according to customers requirements. An EPDM sheet, which has excellent durability, is utilized. The peripheral protrusion on the rubber seat fits into the groove on the inner circumference of the body to prevent any displacement of the seat to achieve a stable seal.

High performance stem bearing having additional strength to withstand high temperature and high pressure. Actreg brand Pneumatic butterfly valve. These products are widely utilized in various commercial industries due to their sturdiness and durability. Get best deals for coconut. Please use the inquiry form.