The Book of Lambspring [Nicholas Barnaud Delphinas] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Thank you for checking out this book by. The Book Of Lambspring: A Noble Ancient Philosopher Concerning The Philosophical Stone [Arthur Edward Waite, Nicholas Bernaud Delphinas] on. Opening the Book of Lambspring Christopher Bradford. A Guide to the Underworld. Published in November, 66 pages.

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This motif we encountered in Figure I briefly. The androgynous symbol is well known in alchemy circles.

Links facebook wikipedia scribd green guild. Direct Thou everything to a good end, And preserve us through Thy great mercy.

The Book of Lambspring, | Compendium Naturalis

This we have referred to as illumination. When seen from this context, it is no wonder that throughout the history of alchemy large volumes of symbols could be interchangeably referred either to lab-work or to inner work. In India there is a most pleasant wood, In which two birds are bound together.

He who, by wisdom and cunning, Can snare and bind them, And lead them into the same forest, Of him it may be said with justice and truth That he has merited the meed of praise before all others, And that his wisdom transcends that of the worldly wise. This philosophical notion contained in this imagery is not particularly unique or surprising.

Imagination and the Unconscious Remember your duty towards your neighbour and your God, Who gives this Art, and would have it concealed. While the Higher Knowledge provides a perspective no uninitiated can comprehend, it also comes with responsibilities that makes our initiate troubled, lambspfing, recoiled, ot heavy of heart or as the text points out, “father sweats profusely”. Here the Father sweats on account of the Son, And earnestly beseeches God, Who has everything in His hands, Who creates, lambsspring has created all things, To bring forth his Son from his body, Bok to restore him to his former life.


Upcoming images will solidify this notion as we progress with our journey. I should add here also that a slightly different version exists of this image; one that has a chain drawn around the feet of the bird-in-flight.

The Book of Lambspring

Only let your discovery remain a close secret, In other words, the spiritual journey that can be initiated to deeper insights appears to remain unavailable lmbspring those who do not know the closely guarded secret. From this rare vantage point, equal to the footing of the Guide, the initiate is able to see from ‘above’, the landscape of ‘below’ to use an often butchered concept in alchemy.

In this particular image, the initiate has risen from his bed and visually is now seen sitting on par with his Higher Self. Hereunto lambsring the First Figure. I will bear thee through the air To the gates of highest heaven.

He that knows how to tame and master them by Art, To couple them together, And to lead them in and out of the forest, Lambsprkng justly be called a Master. Cook the sulphur well with the sulphur, And hold your tongue about it: How would one carry out our spiritual purpose if one wasn’t a master of our terrestrial affairs?

The aspect of submission, surrender to a higher purpose, is a critical element in the advanced path of illumination. Speaking to this notion, this part of the text: No more theory needed, the experience says it all. The main action is at the center, upon the land of the wilderness, the unexplored territory.

In other words, elixirs prepared in the lab and then ingested can be similarly experienced as would the effects of advanced initiation in inner work. Another point to draw attention to is the depiction of other ships on the river of life extending upon a curvy path. Speaking to this notion, this part of the text:. Thus shall you receive and learn the truth, And use this great gift of God for good ends.


We have an answer here as to why the initiate viz. The battle is set upon firm, fertile ground. This is one of the earliest copies of The Book of Lambspring I could find so far, dated Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

They bite each other, and one is slain And devoured by the other. An accelerated state allowing the initiated one to be open to the “invisible forces”.

For we rightly judge That he has attained the labmspring flesh, And may triumph everywhere; Nay, he may bear rule over great Augustus. You’ll notice that the bedsheet is twisted around the two bedposts. For from its blood it wins immortal life, And then death has no more power over it. This description clearly shows that we’re not communicating bolk “animals” but about a phenomena or depiction of reality that speaks to its very nature and also validates boom law of Hermeticism, that all is one.

No other animal or humanoid elements are present. Here this same winged dragon appears to be engulfed by its own act. One kills the other, And from them comes a great poison.

Coction, time, and patience are what you need; If you would enjoy the precious reward, You must cheerfully give both time and labour.