: Bloodlust (Vampire Beach) (): Alex Duval: Books. Bloodlust (Vampire Beach Book 1) and millions of other books are available. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Alex Duval is a pseudonym for two seasoned YA writers. Bloodlust (Vampire Beach Book 1) – Kindle edition by Alex Duval. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Bloodlust (Vampire Beach, book 1) by Alex Duval – book cover, description, publication history.

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He just ends up getting himself involved because he’s the main character and he’d be even more boring than he already is if he didn’t. It was like everyone had super human strength.

It’s unrealistic anyway, so it takes a really talented writer to get it right. Now they moved into devre heights. The new kid that gets accepted. And the girl thanked him for it. For the sake of vampire balls? I might have had to stick this thing in a punkin’ and to some chunkin’. His first new friend Adam seems to be everywhere filming a documentary of HS life.

The overly-large font and 2-in-1 format should’ve been a giveaway. To view it, click here. This book is like: He is even happier when his new class-mates are friendly and welcoming. Young adult paranormal Format: He falls very much for the good looks of a young vampire name, Pages: This is the kind of book that you read after you’ve read a long novel or you’ve just finished a series. Price may vary by retailer.


Books by Alex Duval

One night a girl ends up dead, who also happwened to be adams girl friend. I’ll agree with some of the other reviews I’ve read. Being in a middle school, I started wondering why I ordered a book titled Bloodlust with a large martini on the front cover.

The main character moves. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Bloodlust is great for reluctant high school readers who like vampire books and movies. May 11, J. Another thing surprised me about these books- I actually liked them! Usually I hate books that feature “wild, out-of-control parties, but this seemed to be the exception.

Book ratings by Goodreads. Bloodlust Jason gets swept along by the excitement of his new crowd and is flattered to be included – and also very flattered by the apparent interest of the stunning Sienna. But Jason Freeman knows the girl’s blood was sucked out of her body before she fell.

Both of them were 5 stars!! With a new crush and invitations to parties, things seem to be going fairly well for Jason. Having been on the swim team back at his previous school, Jason fits right in with his new teammates. I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with Vampire Beach 1. He falls for the girl who he can’t have but it turns out blpodlust she might be more into him than he thinks.

But these rich kids hide a dark secret and soon Jason finds that their parties involve a little more than the usual alcohol and music! Sienna has a secret all her own.


Bloodlust (Vampire Beach, #1) by Alex Duval

When I looked in Titlewave for reviews and grade level recommendations, there were none. I simply loved this series. They lacked some love near the beginning of the story, but you had these moments that just showed how much they loved each other. I know I was addicted to it and couldn’t wait to see what happened next. If you want a nice, quick YA paranormal read this is blooelust a book bloovlust you should pick up. This was the best vampire book I have read.

This is a great YA vampire novel. This is the premise of the first book and the subsequent books all center around a mystery of some kind as well. On both books, no less. This book was about a guy who is 18 and moves to California. The duavl are invited to the birthday of the century, where a priceless artifact is stolen and all signs point to Tyler.

Vampire Beach 2-in-1 bind up Bloodlust & Initiation : Alex Duval :

Is Alex Duval 12 years old? Ritual ; Book four: Vampire Beach is a catchy name, and considering the characters are extremely wealthy and spohisticated, they should be called Vampire Brats, haha. It is much like every other vampire novel out there.