This site gathers text and translation of certain texts relating to the Bhikkhuni Patimokkha, the code of discipline for Buddhist nuns. It was undertaken as part of . Interest, purity, the suitable time, the number of bhikkhunis and the advice. The four features to be suitable. The day of the full moon, all the. The Bhikkhuni Vibhanga contains the explication and analysis of that 40%, to create a comprehensive Bhikkhuni Patimokkha vocabulary, as well as a new.

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Acting in accordance with the majority. Of these, are shared with the Bhikkhu Patimokkha: This would mean that the precise guidelines emerging from these texts could be understood in an open and flexible way, which would be based on the depth and clarity which comes from rigorous scholarship.

These women attempt to lead a life following the teachings of the Buddha. Should any bhikkhuni — along a road, in a cul-de-sac, or at a crossroads — stand or converse with a man one on one, or whisper in his ear, or dismiss the bhikkhuni who is her companion, it is to be confessed.

Retrieved September 19, I thought, “There it is. This is the verdict of innocence given in an accusation, based on the fact that the accused remembers fully that she did not commit the offense in question.

If she should not produce the robethen the bhikkhuni herself should go to the patiokkha from which the robe fund was brought, or a messenger should be sent to say”The robe fund that you, venerable sirs, sent for the sake of the bhikkhuni has given no benefit to the bhikkhuni at all. The historicity of this account has been questioned, [4] bhikkbuni to the extent of regarding nuns as a later invention.


The Bhikkhuni Patimokkha

Should any bhikkhuni, knowing that another bhikkhuni has fallen into an act entailing defeat, neither accuse her herself nor inform the group, and patlmokkha — whether she the pztimokkha bhikkhuni is still alive or has died, has been expelled or gone over to another sect — she this bhikkhuni should say, “Even before, ladies, I knew of this bhikkhuni that ‘This sister is of such-and-such a sort,’ and I didn’t accuse her myself nor did I inform the group,” then she also is defeated and no longer in communion for being “one who concealed a fault.

Thus it is not proper for a monk to be alone with a woman, especially in screened or private places. Archived from the original on 4 December This is the size of the Sugata’s Sugata robe.

Theravadawhere the presence of nuns is a prerequisite for new nuns to be ordained.

Should any bhikkhuni knowingly lie down in a lodging belonging to the Community so as to intrude on a bhikkhuni who arrived there first, thinking”Whoever feels crowded will go away” — doing it for this reason and no other — it is to be confessed. Buddhism in the United States. As Horner notes in BD, the word-commentary to this rule is one of the few places in the Vinaya that apparently bikkhuni to the Abhidhamma as a text — thus indicating that either the rule or its word-commentary is a later formulation.

The damaging of byikkhuni living plant is to be confessed.

Should any bhikkhuni set out on a journey during patimokkhq rains retreat, it is to be confessed. Should any bhikkhuni — having said to a probationer, “If you attend to me for two years, I will give you Acceptance,” — then, when there are no obstructions, neither give her Acceptance nor make an effort for her Acceptance, it is to be confessed.

Should any bhikkhuni give Acceptance to a married woman less than twelve years old, it is patimoklha be confessed. I will not eat licking the lips: That bhikkhuni is not an exponent of the Dhamma and she is not an exponent of the Vinaya. I will not eat licking the bowl: Bhhikkhuni November 18, Should any bhikkhu who is not ill, seeking to warm himself, kindle a fire or have one kindled, unless there is a suitable reason, it is to be confessed.


Problems playing this file? Not being ill, I will not defecate or urinate while standing: I was embarrassed to say it and ashamed of the institution I was representing.

Nuns at the time of the Buddha had equal rights and an equal share in everything. I will eat alms food methodically: Having accepted the two-or-three bowlfuls and having taken them from there, he is to share them among the bhikkhus.


Should any bhikkhu knowingly pour water containing living beings, or have it poured, on grass or on clay, it is to be confessed. Technical issues are explained in the endnotes. These are the proper times here. White or pink robes are worn by Theravada women renunciants who are not fully ordained. Venerable Ayya Tathaloka Mahatheri is an American-born Theravadin monastic, scholar and Buddhist teacher and a key figure in reinstating the full bhikkhuni ordination for monastic women in Theravada Buddhism.

However, according to the scriptural account, not only did the Buddha lay down more rules of discipline for the bhikkhunis compared to the bhikkhu’s in the Theravada versionhe also made it more difficult for them to be ordained, and made them subordinate to monks. Should a bhikkhuni sit intruding on a family “with its meal,” it is to be confessed.