[13] epD‐BfS‐ () Environmental Product [21] Schweizerischer ingenieur‐ und Architektenverein (SiA). () Merkblatt energieausweis für Gebäude gemäß Sn en und Sn en zurich. [22] Schweizerischer . Flash point: > 21° C „Beschichtung auf Zink und verzinktem Stahl“ from Bundesausschuss Farbe und Sachwertschutz (BFS) according to Merkblatt 5 of BFS. Flash point: > 21° C. Solid substance: approx. 55% Zinc and galvanized surfaces are to be prepared according to Merkblatt 5 of. BFS. Clean the surfaces to be painted and remove dirt of all kinds, including dust, mortar droppings, and similar.

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Surfaces with Salty Efflorescence: Surfaces Stained by Factory Fumes or Soot: Compatibility with other Materials: Permeable to CO 2 Resistant to aggressive air pollutants.

Readings in Transport Policy. Transportation Research Record Allow to dry thoroughly. Touching up surfaces is depending on many parameters and may be visible after drying.

Adverse weather conditions, influenced e. This product contains max. Prime free-standing boards on both sides as well as on all edges. Allow wet merkblstt surfaces to dry well merkblaatt further treatment. Technical information Technical Information No. Determine the exact amount of material required by coating a test area on site. If brownish discolouration appears on the intermediate coat, apply the anhydrous, solvent-based facade paint Duparol for finishing coat.


Sie dienen also u. To reduce battery use the smartphone-based application collects GPS data less frequently than other methods.

Cap-elast Riss-Spachtel: Caparol

New Coatings of Silicate Finish Render: Prime the repaired areas. Facade plates, also if covering some levels of scaffolding, are to be coated plate by plate wet on wet and evenly rolled over in one direction to avoid the forming of different textures, which may be visible in adverse lighting conditions grazing light.

Possibly a second finishing coat may be necessary. Maximum temperature for high-pressure water jet: An additional priming coat of CapaGrund Universal must be applied. Apply with paint brush, roller or spraying equipment. A second finishing coat may be necessary. Data from a social network survey were used to investigate proximity to social contacts as a factor in residential location choice.

Sylitol® NQG

Homepage Navigation Content Sitemap Search. Clean stable, adherent coats dry or wet. Reinforcement with Polyester Fabric on Smooth Surfaces: Lower temperatures and higher humidity extend the drying time.

Contains 1,2-benzisothiazol-3 2H -one, 2-methyl-2H-isothiazolone. Provided with film preservative against algal and fungal attack.

Person Detail – Institute of Science, Technology and Policy | ETH Zurich

Remove salty efflorescence by dry wire brushing. The goal of the project merkbltat to reveal societal consequences of mobility e. Organically cross-linked nano-quartz particles form a compact, mineral-hard, three-dimensional quartz matrix structure against soiling and keep facades clean for a longer period. Surfaces Infested with Organic Growth: Transportation Research Record, The paint with an essential benefit: Clean soiled, chalking coatings by high-pressure water jet, in compliance with the regulations.


Provides clean facades due to a unique combination of modern alkali silicate glass with integrated Nano-Quartz Matrix Structure. Megkblatt tinted product before applying to avoid colour differences. DISP48 3 For render piercing cracks: Surfaces with Salty Efflorescence: Bridging Treatment Reinforced with Polyester Fabric.

Technical Assistance As it is impossible to list herein the wide variety of substrates and their specific problems, please request our technical assistance in case of queries. The results contribute to the understanding of residential location choice and have implications for urban planning and policies that seek to reduce commuting. To avoid lapping, the paint should be applied wet-on-wet and without interruption.

Clean utensils immediately after use with soap and water. Dispose containers with residues of liquid product via waste collection fbs accepting old paints and enamels. Remove the coating completely by grinding, brushing off, scraping off, or use high-pressure water jet, in compliance with the regulations. Clean existing renders by suitable wet cleaning method.

Advice for allergy sufferers with isothiazolinone allergy: All joints connections of roof, windows and floors must comply with current specification for the use of sand-lime bricks.