Jul 19, Author’s Note. The Accidental Billionaires is a dramatic, narrative account based on dozens of interviews, hundreds of sources, and thousands. Aug 29, Answers by Ben Mezrich, New York Times Bestselling Author of Seven Wonders, Bringing Down the House, and the book that became The. The Accidental Billionaires has ratings and reviews. “The Accidental Billionaires” by Ben Mezrich is a great book that I recommend to all young.

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My early impression of this book was that it ought to be mandatory reading for every individual who registers for a Facebook page–kind of like knowing where your food comes from.

Talk about making some of FB’s features “pay-only” is now circulating. It made me sick to my stomach to think that Harvard University with the exception of Sean Parker – he was just a leech looking to latch on to the next big thing is the sandbox in which the world’s up and coming movers and shakers can whine, ebn calls to daddy, and use women for sex, preferably in a bathroom stall while your friend bangs a girl in the next stall over.

Geeks never have girlfriends; the college elite are always big, blond jocks. I probably could have just watched the movie. I mean, I can imagine them seeming reasonable to him in billlionaires context. It’s nothing to do with Mezrich’s skill as a w This is not a high energy book! Eduardo Saverin, cast as the protagonist, has befriended Mark Zuckerberg, and both struggle for social acceptance—Saverin by joining a final clubZuckerberg by creating a website where girls can be ranked according to their looks.

The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich | : Books

You couldn’t be more wrong. Every bit as compelling, of course, is the nearly ethnographic context of Final Clubs and the social scene at Harvard University against which this whole series of events plays out.

Books by Ben Mezrich. In that moment, in his Harvard dorm room, the framework for Facebook was born. Now, I have just read the book on which the film is “based,” according to the film’s credits and promotional materials, and I am totally aghast. Cover of the first edition. Now they all spend all day and night in the front of computers wanting to found technology start-ups.


Mezrich goes on to describe the wild parties, drinking orgies, and promiscuous behavior involved in gathering new investors to make Facebook even bigger. Jul 14, Susan billionairs it really liked it.

The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal

At times, it was boring and it lacked action. Somehow, though, the stupid facebook book managed to suck us all in and provided a fascinating backdrop for our journey down one of the finest interstates in our great nation. I call it a story because author Ben Mezrich admits that he fictionalized scenes based on eye witness accounts and made up others to fill in gaps.

Also, he wrote this book without being able to get an in Why do people like Ben Mezrich? He writes like he is blind drunk in a frat house at 3 AM, and trying to impress the other guys with how cool he is. I have based this dialogue on the recollections of participants of the substance of conversations.

Although there were many quirky or interesting characters billionairres this novel, Mark Zuckerberg is my overall favorite character. Other than that, the book was quite good for a business book, but without Zuckerberg’s input and with the all-too-willing input of his enemies, it wasn’t ever going to be the definitive book of Facebook.

The Accidental Billionaires – Wikipedia

The collegiate exuberance that marked their collaboration fell prey to the adult world of lawyers and money. Then he’ll start charging higher prices.

His current business card simply says: Oct 26, Grace rated it did not like it Shelves: In the hands of a better writer I should imagine it hillionaires have done so. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

But Zuckerberg is a private man, and his privacy should be respected and the envelope not pushed with what he might have thought or surmised, or whether he started Facebook because he was anti-social and bitter having been rejected billionakres some girl or other. How do you write the story of the founding of Facebook without the fo Accidentap I could find a way to delete my Facebook account and still remain in contact with my family and close friends, I’d do it after reading this book. Also this was the basis accidental my course conclusion work on journalism, about books adaptations for movies.

Billionxires he really focused on was the idea of being connected, belonging, having hundreds and hundreds of hot girls climbing all over him, rubbing up against him.


There are hints that Parker thought there was a conspiracy at play, but a large portion of this story seems to be missing. The Accidental Billionaires is a compulsively readable story of innocence lost—and of the unusual creation of a company that has revolutionized the way hundreds of millions of people relate to one another.

I realize that self respect is taught from birth at home, but education accidentall turn on a light or two. Apr 10, Himal Kotelawala rated it liked it. Stimulating enough to keep even an unmedicated narcoleptic awake. Refresh and try again. The Accidental Billionaires is a compulsively readable story of innocence lost—and of the unusual creation of a company that has revolutionized the way hundreds of millions of people relate to one another.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Though he no doubt interviewed some of the key players in this drama, the most important point of view is missingMark Zuckerberg’s.

The author, however, made me want to vomit. Lots of people resent that.

Ben Mezrich cannot write. It was from there that they had become friends and eventually business partners in the mearich of a successful social website: Billioniares seemed the one who best understood the timid genius and accepted him warts and all.

Here is what I learned about Harvard: The end of the book does not provide a conclusion since, according to the author’s admission, matters of dispute are ongoing in the court of law.

Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich: rock star geeks and the founding of Facebook

Being a firm believe of the old cliche that the book is better than the film, I was expecting to come away with some tangible insights. If he had helped them launch the site would it have been the social networking site that everyone would be using today?

Dec 31, Hannah Lei rated it really liked it. The real story behind the creation of Facebook can be found only with each founder. In the case of this book, Mezrich could not get Mark Zuckerberg to go on record.