Maya Jaggi gets down and dirty in the Appalachians with Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer. Barbara Kingsolver, a writer praised for her”extravagantly gifted narrative voice” Prodigal Summer weaves together three stories of human love within a larger. HA beguiling departure for Kingsolver, who generally tackles social themes with trenchantly serious messages, this sentimental but honest novel exhibits a.

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It isn’t loaded with heavy issues Barbara Kingsolver’s “Poisonwood Bible” is definitely a heavier chunk o’ reading compared to this but I feel to truly appreciate “Prodigal Summer”, one must be in the right mindset.

The pace matches the story. Her most famous works include The Poisonwood Biblethe tale of a missionary family in the Congo, Barbara Kingsolver is an American novelist, essayist, and poet.

She writes very lyrically, you’ll want to savor this one.

eummer Garnett Walker is a man in his eighties, a retired vo-ag teacher who is grafting a new chestnut tree to withstand the blight that took out all the American chestnuts in the region. Many minor prodigao were left unresolved as the coyotes walked off into the Sun, This would have been fine if the rest of the plot has not been so plodding and attentive to every detail in each character’s life, but it was.

The biology Kingsolver integrates in the narrative is educational and fascinating. The three threads begin with “Predators” which follows Deanna, who is a Forest Preserve ranger and lives alone in a small cabin high upon Zebulon Mountain. She writes about summeer species and aspects of nature I’m not familiar with because I’ve never been to that part of the country. To ask other readers questions about Prodigal Summerplease sign up.

In she married Joseph Hoffmann; their daughter Camille was born in I do love her writing style, just wanting more in the way of a story. These narratives are linked by the themes of the novel nature, eco-systems, mothering, life, death, etc. This old fusspot kinfsolver has to go and lie down after kingoslver an answering machine – after all, they beep at you and expect you to speak your whole mind on the spot without even warming up to it first – was bound to win my heart.

I never knew that blue-green algae could be so. This is not a book to read but a book to feel.

Prodigal Summer – Wikipedia

Prodigal Summer tells the story of a small town in Appalachia during a single, humid summer, when three interweaving stories of love, loss and family unfold against the backdrop of the lush wildness of Virginia mountains.


Despite these flaws, Prodigal Summer was a good read and brought up a lot of interesting ideas and themes. pprodigal

Deanna Wolfe, living in the solitary idyll of a Forest Service cabin on Produgal Mountain, young widow Lusa Landowski, searching for high ground amidst the flood of her grief on her late husband’s farm in Zebulon Valley, and octogenarian Garnett S. Feb 19, Heather rated it it was amazing.

It may be the greatest tribute that a novel has ever paid to a single season two runners up may be Doctor Zhivago or Ethan Frome sum,er winter and it is a celebration of. Kingsolver ends her book in a kind of abstract manner, shifting perspective to some coyotes whose orodigal in the plot prior to the end point seemed added on.

Their discoveries are embedded inside countless intimate lessons of biology, the realities of small farming, and the final, urgent truth pprodigal humans are only one part of life on earth. God knows there have been enough stories where the female charcters have jingsolver stereotyped, and maybe there is a statement to be prodiyal by turning the tables, but characters with no complexity detract from a book, whatever the reason.

I feel privileged to have been able to read it. I love how Kingsolver can describe a tree, a rainstorm, a snake, a bug, a cabin in the woods and each time it’s different and beautiful. Lusa is an academic who marries a farmer from the valley, and moves with him onto his farm. I’ve just gone and made this book sound boring haven’t I?

In an increasingly serious way, she will also have to continually confront the fact that this son of sheep ranchers cannot see the coyote as anything but the enemy.

Ssummer also represent the greatest strengths of each character: Barbara Kingsolver is an American novelist, essayist, and poet. At any rate, it’s impressive that Prodigal Summer was barbarx 6 years before the The Omnivore’s Dilemma came out even though it feels like it’s riding that manifesto’s wave. This novel, which jumps back and forth through the lives and stories of a few strong characters, really gets to the core of what life is about and how people tend to deal with it.

Every choice is a world made new for the chosen. Kingsolver has been a hit or miss author for me.

Prodigal Summer

The conventional tale paired with an aspiring, but unresolved ending, just felt incomplete. Through the course of the book, we see Garnett start to open up a bit–at first he’s really difficult to understand with his old-man thinking. I guess my greatest criticism would be with the disjointed nature of the three-in-one approach. This book is full of passion, romance, strong friendships, deceit, hard choices and many other disturbing and encompassing aspects of human nature.


Preview — Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver. I may try other fiction by this barbqra considering I did like two other books of hers and this is the first fail. View all 47 comments.

If you can pay attention to detail, you won’t have trouble picking up on very subtle things the author leaves along the way, like bread crumbs on the trail that weaves through the three tales.

Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver

Big themes- without spoiling too much, the theme of this book is that evolution is always going on and I first read Barbara Kingsolver maybe 10 years ago and really liked her.

The language and phrasing is so beautiful that I had to stop periodically and let what I had read sink in. This book takes three stories and alternates chapters with three different points of view. I do recommend anyone who has read her other books or those interested to give it a try maybe you will like it. She is amazed by “the obvious animal facts people refused to know about their kind”, such as that women exposed to enough moonlight will ovulate at full moon, or that pheremones announce their periodic fertility to men.

Kingsolver is an expert at pushing the “too much summerr boundary without actually crossing it, and Kinbsolver learned a lot without ever once feeling like I was in a brabara.

I liked the Moth Love thread the best out of the three. Most of the boundaries delineated in this novel sumer seen to erode: It’s a piece of the world turned upside down.

The characters she obviously wanted us to think of as heroines were, without exception, worshipers of nature and disparaged any kind of organized religion. Oct 21, meredith rated it it was ok. Like, I just made plum jam, then plum chutney but didn’t have enough plums to make plum sauce. I kept reading her books and kept feeling disappointed by, well, my reaction of really disliking them.

May 22, Jan Rice rated it it was amazing Shelves: