Azoic dye definition is – any of a group of water-insoluble azo dyes formed by coupling of the components on the fiber —called also ice color, ingrain dye. The dyes containing azo groups – N = N – are called Azoic Dye. These are not ready made dyes but are produced by reaction of two. Structure, Chemical Name, CAS, MF. 4-Chloronitroaniline · , C6H5ClN2O2. 3-Chloromethylaniline · , C7H8ClN. 2-Amino

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It is directly insoluble in water. Actually, these dyes are produced within the fibers itself. After printing the printed fabric is dried at for minute in a dryer. Brightness of shade axoic also admirable. Then NaOH is added into the bath. I n loop of knitted fabric the total amount of horizontal rows is known as course. In alkaline solution, coupling is done. How we chose ‘justice’. It has wide color range. For this production, first the fiber is impregnated with one component of these dyes and then the fiber is treated in another component of these dyes.

These dyes are not found in readymade form. More thanwords that aren’t in our free dictionary Expanded definitions, etymologies, and usage notes Advanced search features Ad free!


And mixed them very well. Now this liquor and sample are to come in an oxidizing action in the presence of air or an oxidizing agent. Spin finish are the lubricant which provides surface lubricating, plasticizing and static protection to manmade fiber. For this reason this dye is called Magic color. Aromatic amines are the chemicals from which these dyes are manufactured.

General procedure for dyeing cellulosic material with Azo Dyes. The average length of a spinnable fiber is called Staple Length. It is done only for neutralization of goods. Difference between Melt, Dry and Wet spinning.

An overview of Azo dyes – Textile Apex

To remove excess HCl we should use Na — Acetate. Ask the Editors Word of the Year: In order to affect satisfactory stripping Lissol Amine — A is used. The required color can be azoiv by altering of the diazoic and coupling components.

The quantity of hydro — sulphide is increased in the case of yellow des. Dyeing process is done by using three processes here such as coupling, naptholation and diazotization. It is a platform to express your knowledge throughout the world.

An overview of Azo dyes

Azoic Dyes are classified either according to the fibers for which these can be used dyse or the methods by which these dyes are applied. Alkali resistance is poor to good.


In the developing bath salt is dissolved with hot water and then cold water added in the bath. It should be noted here that, azoic dye is different from other dye and the application process also different from others. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Start your free trial today and get unlimited access to America’s largest dictionary, with:. Test method of Azoic color. This is a unique technique.

In Greek, a means not and zoe means to live. And the fabric becomes naphthaled. Why Azo Dye is so called? Then we will observe the color will come out completely from that sample.

This is known as diazotization.

In the first step textile goods are dyed by Napthol color. These are di-azo components and naphthol. Then fabric is immersed into this solution for few minutes. Learn More about azoic dye. Azoic dyes do not get in ready-made form in the market. The coupling component is finally soluble in diazotization reaction. By treating a fiber with diazoic and coupling components, this process can be achieved.