Axxon Intellect’s video analytics – smart video detection tools, smart search in. Integration. Peace of mind doesn’t have to be difficult. Right out of the box. Specifications. Main Features. Object Orientation: Anything connected to Axxon.

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Forensic video analysis allows building integrated security systems of any size and complexity, customized for the needs and requirements of individual sites and clients. Modern integrated security systems must not only record and stream video but enterrise analyze it intelligently, monitor all types of sensors, and provide automatic responses to problems. These events can be attached to specific system actions, such as beginning recording, sending a signal to the operator, displaying the image on a separate monitor, or starting a complicated custom script.


Axxon Intellect Lite

The queue length detection tool counts the number of people standing in view of a video camera that is aimed at a customer queuing area. New video-based business intelligence dashboards and reporting tools from March Networks.

What is Axxon Intellect Enterprise? Sign up now to:. In order to reinforce terrorism prevention measures, in May the administration of Murmansk Airport decided to expand the video recording system. Clients enterorise to one or many servers directly or through gateways. Stay signed in Forgot your password? Management Industry Awards Patents Careers. As an ISV, we gain competitive advantages by promoting our own added value. Airport executives expressed gratitude to Universal-SB ATC for its highly professional work and to AxxonSoft for supplying quality equipment and software.

With the detection tool, it is possible to view the “warmest” places at a retail store or any other trafficked location thanks to corresponding visual cues on screen.


AxxonSoft Axxon Intellect Enterprise combines intelligent video analytics, universal IP connectivity and event-driven automation Technical Specification. Imagine a system that no longer needs a security guard to physically watch every camera, monitor or sensor so you can catch improper behavior or initiate actions when an incident occurs.

The Heat Map tool allows determining where visitors stop enterpfise measuring their linger time in areas of interest. Control via dialog window, mouse, USB or game joystick. In turn, there are four analog cameras connected to each Axis IP video server. AxxonSoft Railway Intellect software modules for railroads monitoring.

We also use cookies to improve your online experience, Cookie Policy Got it. Financial Homeland Security Industrial.

Video archive can be indexed automatically at system startup for quick data search. Heat Map The Heat Map tool allows determining where visitors stop and measuring their linger time in areas of interest.

Become a Partner Technology Partners. Financial Homeland Security Industrial. Anything connected to Axxon Intellect Enterprise a camera, for example is organized and represented as a virtual software object to the end user. Because it’s built on an object-oriented architecture, the software is easy to install, use and manage and can be easily scaled to match your changing requirements.

Axxon Intellect Enterprise Software

Stay signed in Forgot your password? The security guards’ efficiency improved and sound recordings proved helpful in resolving disputes with customers. Archive options include local and network drives. Electronic Systems offers comprehensive service packages in providing engineering and enterprisd means of security such as video surveillance and access control systems as well as security guard and fire alarms. To create a fully-integrated security and business management system, Axxon Intellect Enterprise can be connected to your:.

One-click access to real time video flow from any connected device. In addition, testing of equipment for transferring data over a VDSL channel and controlling PTZ cameras both from video servers and from remote workstations was conducted.


– Axxon Intellect Enterprise – + Axxon Video Management – IP CCTV – Zone Technology Limited

Quick security event configuration via mouse click. Can be set up for single or dual speaker configuration. Not a member axxoh Intellect Enterprise Physical security information management software platform Learn more.

Supported languages in Axxon Intellect Enterprise 4. Please see our Web site or contact a product manager to confirm that your device is listed. Interactive Site Map, Event Log, tools to create automated response scenarios, the same list of integrated IP devices and many other capabilities. Each computer can have a maximum of 4 boards with software compression and a maximum of 6 boards with hardware compression of the same type.

Intellect Enterprise Physical security information management software platform Learn more. Number of cameras per workstation is not limited by software and only depends on the workstation performance. It achieves this by aggregating data from a wide range of devices and systems, analyzing data more intelligently, and automating processes that could never be automated before. Two years ago the Murmansk company Universal ATC equipped the terminal building with a security system intellsct on the Axxon Intellect Enterprise software package.

Number of remote workplaces: POS Intellect integrates video surveillance over Intellect Enterprise Physical security information management software platform Learn more. Amount of cameras per server depends on its performance. Global Offices info axxonsoft. Echolot – 2 inputs tel. External Analysis and Accounting Applications Reports module: Recommended capacity – MB provides faster operation of video subsystem.